Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Deepavali Eve Celebration at Ampang Look Up Point

Last year, while Eric is courting me, he brought me to Look Up Point to chan toi kiok. I don't think he has choose the deepavali eve on purpose. Just coincidentally that time was Deepavali eve and we manage to get a real good seat (the top and center seat of Look Up Point). That time, we didn't expect there's firework at 12am. And I was surprise because the whole city are lighten up by these fireworks for more than 20 minutes!

This year, Eric brought me to Look Up Point again. I have my supper while he has his dinner there. I didn't notice what is the Restaurant's name. We just dine-in to our old place and this time, w/o RSVP, we manage to get back our good seat again!

Eric and I on our old seat
So, we wait up till 12am again. This year, from 11.30pm, some people start playing fireworks until 12am. I'm so sleepy though but I wanted to see the view again
Took this picture before 12am (Before KL Tower and KLCC Off light)
Too bad YH and ZS not able to come out, otherwise we can enjoy this view together. After 12am, the city every where also fireworks! Really alot! and some place play those big fireworks. From my view, I can see that firework is very huge and also heard the crack sound ! We notice at the left part, the fireworks really non stop played for 15 minutes. We take a guess that is the Indian street. After 15 minutes, many area become very smoky. They still continue putting all the firework but it not that visible anymore coz become very smoky.

After 12 am Fireworks everywhere
Picture above doesnt show much fireworks cause I capture on 12am and then my battery die. Forgot to charge it up.

After 15 minutes seeing the view, I cannot tahan anymore, so Eric and I back home sleep since tomorrow we need to go Genting. 

I wonder in next year, will we be here again? Hehe..

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  1. haha, wif ur review is enough lah... XDD no nid b d light bulb... XD