Monday, October 3, 2011

ben's at Pavilion KL

Last few week went to Pavilion. Well, this place has become my common dating place. 
This time we tried this ben's restaurant. It's a western restaurant with nice decoration in it. Most of the time, I can see inside the restaurant full of youngster. 

Inside, I like the wall deco with different type of frame

That's the waiting seats
 Ok, so what do we eat..
I ordered a carbonara spaghetti (my favourite as always). Thought wanted to try how nice it is in here. Turn out it little disappoint me. It's just a normal carbonara. Not much tasty as I thought
Carbonara Spaghetti RM20.90
 However, Eric wanted to try something special there. So he ordered Macaroni & Cheese. If not mistaken, it's a mixture of few different type of cheese. At first I wanted to order this, but decide to try their carbonara.

Ok, this Macaroni & Cheese is really tasty! Both of us love it so much! The cheese taste is yummy! And the vegetable is fresh and tasty!
Macaroni & Cheese RM21.90
I didn't manage to finish my carbonara.Not sure is my problem or the food problem. haha..
My leftover
I have try my best to finish it, but really can't. Felt so sorry about it. Waste food.. >.<

OK. That's the end. I don't think two of us can try out their special menu unless we always visit them. Maybe next time. ^^


  1. Im waiting to see when u guys actually will try all of the restaurents in pav! haha..then recommened me the best!

  2. lol.. I'm not makan pro ler.. chin chai dine in ba