Monday, October 10, 2011

Gei Dak Sek 记得食 Dessert at SS2 PJ

Looking back our photo, I found this. I'm so hungry and craving for dim sum or dessert now! This few days has become quite kuat makan!

Few weeks ago, when Eric back from outstation, we went to Gek Dak Sek , a quite famous dessert at SS2. They not only selling for dessert, also sell some mee or fry rice and other. 

It's not our first time dine-in and we always prefer this desert in SS2 rather than Tian Pin Ge Ge cause this Gei Dak Sek always full house and their dessert really worth and nice

Mat Dou Lou (mix everything)
 This Mat dou Lou wont be very sweet, the mixture wont be odd. I won't say very special if compare to others that we have tried. But still it is nice.
Siew Mai with the Special sauce
 This is very very nice Siew Mai with their special sauce. I don't know what sauce is this, but it really nice to eat with siew mai! must try!
Not sure, remember got Xue Yu 雪耳
 Since recently abit heaty, so I choose to drink this hoping that I wont get sick. :P

Japanese Fried Cheong Fun with Wasabi Sauce
 This Japanese fried cheong fun with the wasabi sauce is normal. the wasabi sauce won't be very spicy. The overall of this plate of snack is ok. But if you want to try something new, I recommend this.

Unknow name
 I forgot what is this called. But as far as I remember, i eat this with the siew mai sauce. but if eat alone also taste very nice.
Porridge 皮蛋瘦肉粥
haha.. this porridge is quite famous. They put alot ingredient in it and make it really tasty! RM8.90 for one small bowl if not mistaken.

The whole meal cost us RM40++ That night I happened to be very hungry though I took alot for my dinner.

I think I should instantly jot down all the name so that I wont forget their name. Hahaha..
Oppss.. Hungry now.. T.T

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