Friday, June 18, 2010

We Are The World

Tonight was a very relaxing night.. no kids.. no worries.. thanks god finally give me a peaceful time..
so.. go and youtube some funny and nice short videos..
wanna share this
this song originated by M.J.. but now sing by alot artist.. the most singer i admire still Celine Dion. ^^


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Terrible Day For My Family

That day is the most terrible day for our whole family.

Early morning,when I woke up,I saw my mum lying on the sofa.look very weak and she said that she very tired and weak. Because all d while she always very weak due to unknown sickness. She went to alot scan and check n x Ray, yet all d reports can't find any problem. And we also wnt to temple n ask is it there is dirty thing. Still, no improvement, yet worse.

Today I thought she just too weak, so l quickly drive out to look for breakfast.mum claim that she no appetite. So I da bao her favourite food, zhu chap n porridge so tht she can eat anytime.

When i back home, she look very weak. And the JJ sometimes disturb her sleep. So she get up and eat the porridge and went to Cindy's room sleep. As usual, I take care the kids. Coax them bath,eat,teach homework. Aih.. Kids nowadays too clever and stubbon..this holiday I really haven enjoy much at home as all the while the kids keep make me go up side down.

Tht day alot of very beginning, my mum still slightly able to walk to take d phone call from my dad, but the way she walk is really scary for me. Why scary? I can see her leg has no energy and she walk so so slow for two steps. So I quickly take a chair let her sit down. After that, I quickly rush to take care the kids. So I no idea how my mum walk back to room. After that I quickly SMS my sis tell her I very worried mum as she look very weak. She look alike my grandma who has been parallel for few years. Very very skinny. Then my sis call and my dad call and my god mum call.. Alot call and I can't speak edi. So I just bring my handphone to my mum. While I walk in the room. She told me she very tired and now she can't walk or lift up her hand. She just lie on the bed. That moment, I can't look at my mum at all. Because I wil cry. So I quickly get out from room and take k d kids.

Then few calls again, i can't tahan anymore and cry on the phone. My god mum quickly ask my kajang aunty to come and see how my mum. My dad and sis still at kl and can't back on time, so they ask bro to bring my mum go hospital. That moment I really very scare and I keep tahan not to cry out.

When my aunty arrive,I lead her to room without speak much cause I can't talk.. The tears keep rolling in my eyes and I still not dare to go in room. Until bro is back, he and aunty quickly support my mum go in d car. While they support my mum out from room, my heart is really very sad. My mum can't walk. So I didn't follow to hospital cause I still need to take care JJ. After they go out, I start cry out loud in the toilet. My minds keep thinking back my mum condition and easily break into tears. My sis took emergency leave. When she back, I try hold my tears and tell her go find them in hospital. I cry even badly when my sis told me she admitted in ICU.

Night time when my bro in law take over my place, I went to hospital to visit mum.sis come back and told me doctor said mum condition very dangerous because her potassium level only 1.7 while the normal is 3.8. Potassium is important for our heart to beat. And this level can stop anytime.. My tears can't hold anymore.. And doc said my mum condition is about 50% paralyze. Heart broken and scare.

Went to hospital and saw my dad and bro there. I keep avoid to look at mum and talk few sentences only..Very
Difficult for me to hol my tears. My dad haven't bath and dinner, so I follow him back.

Back to home, I quickly play game or movie until 4am.

Midnight, sis told me the incident at hospital. The specialist at first having operation,so another doctor advise her to go joke and one early tml. But since mum is there wait for the blood teat result first. Lucky there's another specialist help mum look at the result and order to admit into ICU. Sis said when the doctor said the condition, my bro start cry out then my mum also cry. Mum sobbed"Eric, dun cry.. Dun like that..mama aso very scare now.." then my sis told me tat time they all cry.

I can imagine that.. And I faster continue play game ...

Today mum seems much better and I don't need to hold my tears anymore. Heard sis said this morning, dad cry in the car.. Sigh.. Today potassium
Level increase to 2.2. Maybe can transfer out from ICU.glad..she look much better compare To yesterday.

During my birthday and perak trip(while visiting all the temples) I prayed so hard for my mum health. Yet, gods didn't seem helping. Sis birthday on Monday and wish mum get better health too, but Wednesday, she admitted to ward.. That what she told
Me. I guess birthday wishes just a fairy tales. :(

God bless my mum..

P/S: thanks to yen hoong and her dad for paying a visit to my mum. ^^