Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last Goodbye to Cousin Brother

Still alot of question marks in our hearts following with all the depression caused by this news.
The moment they nailed his coffin, I feel extremely sad and cant hold my tears. This will be the last time I see you because you will be cremate later on.

Seeing the coffin and the follow by all the ceremony, I really can't hold my tears and keep crying. Why would this happen? You are a so happy go lucky guy with laughter everytime. You are so healthy and smart and there's should have no possibility for you to reach this step. 

Seeing your corpse lying in the coffin, everyone one of us wish to wake you up so much but we can't. We are so powerless to do that! Why you can't wake up! Why you will reach this step? Why is this happening? What is happening in the hospital? We all know you will definitely not commit suicide. 

How much can we believe the policeman ability? SDR case? Still think he commit suicide? 
Today is the saddest moment because his remain ashes has been pour into sea. Goodbye cousin brother. This is the last goodbye. You will be missed dearly by all of us.

Still, I can't believe this is happening. :( 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

RIP Danny Lee

Early morning my mum told me that he just leave the world. I thought my mum use the wrong word, suppose to leave malaysia or what. And I was so shocked when she meant he passed away. My mind said, NO WAY!

He is only in the age of 29 and doing a houseman in Hospital Kajang. Why could things happen in such a sudden way? What is really happening there?

None of us know because report still havent out yet and newspapers are accusing him for commit suicide. WHAT??!! Report is not out yet and yet the darn china press printed his photo on the 1st page of newspaper and what's more, they put his photo so big and on top of the Malaysia Sultan installation photo. Moreover, they wrote so big "Commit Suicide" in chinese! So big that they scare others can't c it? and What more? they proudly printed “独家报道”. This china press has no conscience and yet feel like very proud for having that news!

This is such a cruel news for all the Lee family and because of profit, they printed it out, where is your conscience!

Still, I can't accept that he actually left us. I turn to become so moody and wish to scream out loud. Don't feel like doing anything and keep thinking why would this happen, why so sudden, why no sign, what happen to him, pity my aunty uncle, pity his wife, still unable to accept the fact. I guess all my siblings should have the same thought as me when we lie on our own bed room this night.

I stay up till 4am only went to bed. Even it's hard for me to believe it yet. The feeling is hard to describe, as if I wish I could have the power to change the time so that he wont leave us, really wish he could stay alive and that's out of my hand.

Maybe this is too sudden and this is the first time I c someone close with me passed away. I started to fear death. I scare everything now. I scare by any time, some one would leave the world without saying goodbye again. 

Dear cousin bro, you are such a cheerful and friendly person. You brought joy and happiness to your wife and your family in this world. You will certainly be missed. May your soul rest in peace.