Saturday, April 14, 2012

Last Goodbye to Cousin Brother

Still alot of question marks in our hearts following with all the depression caused by this news.
The moment they nailed his coffin, I feel extremely sad and cant hold my tears. This will be the last time I see you because you will be cremate later on.

Seeing the coffin and the follow by all the ceremony, I really can't hold my tears and keep crying. Why would this happen? You are a so happy go lucky guy with laughter everytime. You are so healthy and smart and there's should have no possibility for you to reach this step. 

Seeing your corpse lying in the coffin, everyone one of us wish to wake you up so much but we can't. We are so powerless to do that! Why you can't wake up! Why you will reach this step? Why is this happening? What is happening in the hospital? We all know you will definitely not commit suicide. 

How much can we believe the policeman ability? SDR case? Still think he commit suicide? 
Today is the saddest moment because his remain ashes has been pour into sea. Goodbye cousin brother. This is the last goodbye. You will be missed dearly by all of us.

Still, I can't believe this is happening. :( 

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