Sunday, October 2, 2011

His Be-lated Birthday Gift

Actually I never thought I will DIY something for him, but when I saw my housemate SL make something very nice for her ex-roommate aka bestie, I quite like it. So I decide to make it for him. Though its late, but, I think it's ok. hahaha..

So, that day went to Pavilion and I bought him a wallet at Braun Buffel wallet. I get to know this brand through my friend and some google works. It's an affordable brand with good quality.

Braun Buffel Wallet
After buying it, then we went to Greenbox to sing K. from 9pm-3am. Just two of us.. We sing till no stamina and it's sooooo freaking tired! But I like it cause I can sing or listen song. Don't need to queue.. hahaha..

Then I gave him this surprise. My DIY gift
A Gift box handmade by me

When you open it, that's how it look like. The red light will blink
This gift box is all handmade. I bought the component, solder it all in the circuit board, photoshop the picture, get some free materials and recycle it into this gift box.

Actually I quite hate to do artworks because I have always screw it up though I put lots effort in it. My art talent is soooo low.. >.<
But this one I'm quite satisfied though it's not as perfect as I expected. Took me for like 3 Days to complete these gift. Hope he like it.



  1. So creative!!
    make one circuit for me too!! LOL.
    so sweet too! things getting so gud for u!
    jiayou lo!! more efforts!

  2. haha.. TY!I think that's my best artwork.
    Next time make one for you la if I'm free. kekeke..

  3. sweet lah... xin mou sei gai fong loh... XDD i wan to learn how to do circuit jor... mayb nex time could hv a try? XD who knows? :P