Saturday, April 10, 2010

Same shoes?

recently notice that my coursemate has broke up wif her gf.
from what i have seen in fb, i guess:
the girl request to broke up
with reason "want to concentrate in study"
or dunno whatever reason
until my coursemate still believe that she and he still have chance
and he's counting day by day for the return of the girl

hmm.. let me recall back my previous dates..
as far as i know,
in this situation, usually there's no way to get back
i believe
if you really love somebody
you wouldnt break up with d others due to any funny or "for ur own good" reason
all those reasons are just let yourself feel better

i so wanted to tell my coursemate to giveup
but i'm not sure whether we r in the same shoes
after a year plus
i only realize that time the break up reason is just a stupid excuse
that i believed so much
he's totally a jerk a liar!
i know, he and me will never be friend anymore

stop thinking.. argh~ study for final dong!

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