Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dear John

Just finish watching the movie "Dear John" after finishing my vector paper

Love this story and really touching all the time(and my tear keep rolling in my eyes)
There's a very sweet couple in there

hmm.. kinda dun like the ending, because quite blur and i don;t understand. no sure whether both of them get 2gather at the end anot.
but, i would said, the girls really made a big mistake
i understand loneliness do really kill us all the time
and when your bf are away
and he didnt appear to be there when u need him
it will be really sad and disappointed

if i were the girls
i would choose to wait
only if
i know he didnt give up on me
why should i turn it bad when i know he still belongs to me?

we should know
when we are distanced
both of us are suffering
so, it's really unfair when you made the choice
because that decision wouldnt make anyone feel better
unless you are the selfish one
because of loneliness and u move on with others?
u really sucks

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