Saturday, April 3, 2010

Disappointed 21st Birthday Celebration with Family

this weekend, wt, hy and yanny came to my house and stay over9.
After that, my family told me they going to celebrate my birthday at saturday night. at first, dad said treat me eat at a simple restaurant situated in Bangi. Then I was a bit shock and straight away ask him why dont celebrate at hotel. :( his answer is funny. he said because next weekend we whole family going to my cousin wedding dinner. and he will giv big ang pow for them and consider celebrate my birthday too. =.= ..

So, i told them just do steamboat at home then ok lo.. coz i remmeber last time my 17th birthday wes celebrated with steamboat too.. and that's so much fun!!but 2nd sis recommend us to go mahkota cheras eat steamboat.Thought it will be a nice place, who know, the food just not as tasty as the menu. some even not fresh :(.. kinda lost appetite and try to be happy.

then my 2nd bro make me feel piss too.. coz it has been two years he celebrate my birthday without really care. he's like just come and attend my birthday ceremony. no heart at all..this year even worse, didnt get me birthday cake or treat me watch movie or a present!

Secret recipe cake again. didnt feel much more excite and happy than last few years, coz kinda boring with secret recipe cake edi.. after all, feel like it's a cheap cake where i can get it easily. :( that cake was bought by my sis's bf with my favorite flavor, New York Cheese. then my 2nd bro ask why he didnt buy durian cake for me(tat's my very favorite cake after taste it with my 2nd bro at damasara jaya coffee shop, tat durian cake is hand-made by the tau keh). my 2nd bro even giv him d business card and ask him to contact  d boss if 1 2 buy. deep in my heart, i was thinking:" why u r d 1 ask ppl to buy for me? arent u have the responsible to buy for me! wtf bro r u! so sucks!my sis's bf have no responsible to buy cake for me ok! stupid hell!"
in fact, i quite wish to have a cake from the Lavender shop which my sis bought for my mum n nephew birthday cake.

after eating, thinking to sing k or watch movie. then go look for movie. who know all already full. and sing k? rm46++ per person. and there are 10 of us there. so.. takkan we paid rm500+ to sing k mer.. i rather ask them treat me eat la.. end up, all balik aso..

my very sucks 21st birthday celebration with family end up so sucks. make me no mood to celebrate my birthday anymore. maybe i will just simply spend over 7th of april.

By the way i really glad my 2nd sis make d effort to ask my siblings(except my 2nd bro) to buy a necklace from lazo diamond. a very beautiful necklace! and i aso receive my earlier birthday present from my elder sis which is an ipod touch.

feel bad when i compare my previous birthday with this year. really disappointing.
18th: steamboat with family + eye on malaysia with friends
19th: Haagen Daaz Birthday Cake from my 2nd bro
20th: Hotel meal + hotel cake cost about RM1k
21st: boring steamboat

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  1. lol... in my uni life my family never celebrate for me becoz i'm piah-ing for final exam in uni XD
    u dun so demanding lar