Saturday, February 28, 2009

!!RoOmmaTe BiRthDAY!! H@pPY BirtHDAy!!

my roommate Jia Hui. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
that day 23/2/2009 is my roommate jia hui birthday(exactly the same day i gotong royong wif siew yee)!!haha.. after gotong royong, we rush my homework. suddenly siew yee call me and ask me bring this bday girl down to second mamak without let her noe the purpose. i try hard to think our silly reason, but still she knew it! haha.. she say don't go down so early 1st, let them wait her. haha.. so i just contnue my work. till about hald an hour, siew yee call her n ask her go down, n only then we get down there!

at mamak there, mostly are GACC members n seniors. i straight away feel pai seh coz i only can stick wif my roommates s i more close wif them.
4 cup of the "birthday cake"
so, here's the special cake bought by her fren to her. 4 cup Haagen Daaz ice cream! gosh! my favourite.. haha.. but it's not my favourite flavour. so some1 go take a candle(extra from the mamak fridge) and make it like a birthday cake. and we start sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG.

here the funny thing, after we finish singing, suddely theres few GACC member come down for mamak too. we thought they are late, so we punsh 4 of them sing birthday song for jia hui. n so they sing n whole mamak look at them. haha.. after singing, they explain, actually they juz come down eat n never thought of celebrating birthday.. wakaka...4 innocent kia.. haha.. 4 ppl sing bday songeverybody looking at them.. hehe..
feel straving tat time, but because dun1 get fatter, so i din order any food and sit there chat. after tat back room alone to rush my homework again... T_T

roommate family photo
siew yee, jia hui, cherry, me

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