Monday, March 9, 2009

JusCo DaY = my k.o. day

hmmm...come to blogging again after sick and addict with pet society in facebook.

that day is Jusco members day. heard my roommate siew yee and jia hui say that many things sales.. on first day night(24/2/2009), then bought alots grocery things.. and the next day(25/2/2009) i went with jia hui after my KM class. we take taxi there, then go buy movie ticket. watch the new release movie "kung fu chef"... this movie is kinda boring, however, the most interesting part is when the chef cook.. the ending of the story not very nice..

before we watch that movie, we take our lunch at oasis Midvalley(oh ya.. the jusco at midvalley).. n we are so lucky because we found a italian stall has promotion 50% for all type food and only for that day.. haha.. then we decide eat that... we order alot and most of them quite worth to eat. spaghetti form rm4.50, something i forgot the name aso cost around tat price.. everything is very cheap!!!and we believe the food is cooked by italian coz we see the worker doesnt look like local ppl.. eat till feel like 1 vomit.. haha.. then we also order portugese "ikan bakar".. yummy~~
my spaghetti

after the movies, we went to jusco and start shopping.. haha.. since i more comfortable to shopping alone, so we separate and start hunting our stuff.. wakakaka...both of us dun own a jusco card, so we lend from our fren n get in there shopping.when members day, they only allowed member get in the shop
that day i bought alot.. already spend about rm200 for clothes.. and redeem a rm10 voucher only..

after shop till i drop, then we bought some food and get back to hostel.. tiring day.. after back, i straight away "k.o." coz start feel like i'm fever.. so take panadol and sleep.

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