Saturday, March 21, 2009



just came back from my family dinner.. suddenly something inspiring me to write something about family. this article doesnt concern with my university life, but i just wish to share my opinion about FAMILY.

hmm.. where to start.. well.. first of all, let me intro abit about my family background. when i was a teenager, i used to hang out alot wif my friends since primary till secondary.. till the time.. i finally realize the importance of a family.

being the youngest, u might think the youngest always get spoilt.. n u envy it.. it's true.. i always become a spoilt child.. yea, i hav 2 mum, both of them very sayang me.. n i have lots of sibling who treat me very nice n good. i hav b very happy when i'm a kids!

but sometimes i feel sad.. since i'm d youngest,sometimes i feel very lonely when every1 has grow up. some of my siblings are married and hav kids, and some of them having date. i remmeber i'm so sufferng when suddenly all of my family members seems like doesnt concern anymore, most of them busy with their part of life.and pai seh to say, i did cried lots of time in front of my mum about this b4.. haha..

nowadays, i really happy with my family.. they seems like back to normal.. both of my sister still very sayang me.. my 2nd bro aso.. they always make me feel comfort n happy.. off course my parents too.. haha..(peace, not showing off)

well.. here's d point.. in my university, everyone know I'm a PBSM(Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu), and yea... i'm quite famous of it, coz whenever i take a big bad walk in d campus, they sure will say "jia nee, go back home arr.. " haha..

yea.. i really back home, coz i enjoy back home. at d same time, i hav too many reason to back home. you may say, because i'm a little princess who cant live without a family or anything... i don't mind. coz i know wat's my true reason.

being d youngest, i always feel i have missed out lots of time wif my family. mayb u think family is not important for u, and u very difficult to communicate wif them or so watever.. it's true some time.. but do u noe, sometimes u more willing to find a way to communicate with ur friends instead of ur family members?do u feel sometimes u treat ur friends much better than ur family?

raising a child isnt a easy things. your daddy has sacrifice himself to work so hard to raised u up. but in d end, u blame him for not spending time wif u or watever. your mum wake up in d middle of night to comfort u when u r kid, in return u blame her n scold her when she juz advise u or do something make u unhappy. both of them work hard n sometimes do something which u think embarassed u.. and u hate them. hav u ever think their reason doing this?

i wish u all understand,in a family,"forgive and forget" hav 2 b practise all d time. dont tell ppl ur parents like to mumble or any -ve image. u should noe why they r doing this.instead, u should tell ppl u r proud to hav them, coz they r d ppl who most sayang u in this world.

by here, i also wish u all can appreciate what u r having now. most of the things n entertainment r came from ur parents. they are the one who fight so fiercely and desperately so that u have a better home n life.

the most important things that i 1 2 convey is, pls appreciate ur family. whenever u hav time, back home n communicate wif them. your parents will feel very much hapiery when there's a family reunion. n that's wat my siblings trying to work on for us. and i always appreciate n happy when there's a family occasion.

sometimes it's really difficult for us to choose btw family n friend. but for me, i believe "charity begin at home".

for some of my friend who think sticking wif family means u r not independent, i hope u undertsand, independent is judged by d way u do ur things. staying outside doesnt mean u r very independent, coz some of my fren still like to depend on others though they staying outside.

god is fair. whenever we gain something here, we will lose something there. n it's true. unless u r very powerful till u can gain everything.. haha..for now, i believe u should have already understand that in ur life, u hav choose ur fren or family.

please dont change our chinese culture. chinese always take family as very 1st priority.n that's y we hav "tuan yuan fan". i don't mean you hav to sacrifice ur life with fren. but atleast, back home once awhile. share your story with them. bring them out. do whatever u think it should b done to ur family. n do much better.u wouldnt noe, somtimes ur little effort will make them fly in the kite. i believe, ur parents will proud to have u as their child.

p/s: though i seems like abit psycho.. which doesnt look like me, but i really wish everyone can appreciate their family. my mum told me, sometimes she feel sad when she found tat none of her child willing to accompany her. what u think?


  1. Hmm,
    Really inspiring ur blog...
    I'm totally agree with what u write, remind me of lot of thing that we taken for granted, eg :
    I seen lot of children neglect their parents when they are old, sent them to old folk home, so they no need to take care of them :-(
    When they small, who take care of them?
    When they sick, who take care for them?
    When they dun have money, who give them money?
    But when their parents sick, got ask them whether they all right?
    So hope people who reading this can treat their family better. ^^

  2. haha.. thanks.. juz found abit psycho n funny now

  3. hmm... i agree with what u say... and i am the one who always take frens more important than family... However, i also know that my family is always supporting me... I should consider whether i need spend more time with my family...

  4. hope people will understand what a parents feel and hope to their children..