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APK Day!! - M.E. Corner

Our Banner
let me explain again..APK day is something about Hari Keusahawanan. For this semester, i took this subject, so we have to group up and open booth on that day(26-27 of March 2009) to earn some profit.some other group sell shirt, some sell EasyPhamax, some sell J.Co Donut(rm2 each only) , some sell Big Apple and alots.. all booth run by the students.


That's our shop name and slogan. M.E. stand for Mechanical and Electrical engineering. we use this because our group member consist of 3 mechanical guys and 23 electrical kia.. haha..

On our very 1st day(26 March), we start our preparation at 4am. there's only 9 girls in our group and nine of them are our cousemate. we divide into two group for two shift. 1st shift start from 4am - 6am consist of Hui Ying(our main chef), sook lin, wan ting, li hong and me. second shift are yan hui, yan xian, shin yuan, yanny n hui ying..
the 4am morning shift gang(include photographer wan ting)

it's so difficult for us to wake up coz really tired.. our raw food bought from yesterday night n we keep it in some big pail with lots of ice in it. 4am, we start our preparation of food. sook lin cook egg, i cut the cucumber, n the rest hav their own task too.. though all of us feel sleepy, but we feel very fun!.. haha.. especially tat time we cook for ourselve for breakfast.. sooooo tastyyyyyyyy~~~~ keke.. n the most funny part is our Sausage.. lol.. while the sausage are being boiled, we keep chatting there, and suddenly hui ying shout"OMG.. c the HOT DOG!!".. n we all "wahhhhhhh" haha.. y is it so impressing, lol.. check out the photo..

haha.. tat's the sausage i meant!at 1st all inside the pot, suddenly all boost out!n so fat!

finally change shift.. so i get back room and start playing pet society coz usually d connection willl b much faster if on early morning. after tat sleep awhile and then 8am get down Dewan Makan eat breakfast again and start grab our stuff to KPS(abit far from my college, about 10 minutes walk).

when we are there, the guys half way done to set up our booth. then we gals start preparing our food. We sell 3 food. first is "KIMBOB SUSHI", 2nd is "GOLDEN BREAD", 3rd is" BUBBLE ICE"..we make kimbob suhi by ourself. we learn that from our seniors.the Kimbob Sushi is a korean style sushi.. golden bread are prepared by the 3 mechanical guys and my course rep and the bubble ice is from a pasar malam store(we share to profit).

Our Goldren Bread... yummy~~~
Our Kimbob Sushi.. hehe..

The Bubble Ice.. has few flavour.. It's our Hot Sale when the weather is hot

our price list
so, whole day staying there sell stuff. so tiring! some of us give out flyers, some cook, some publishing and some keep money.. we met alot difficulties such as short of current and raining time.. we use electrical stuff instead of gas to cook our stuff. when short of current, we quickly book a place inside the kps building(lots of ppl get their stuff n cook at there too).
Our Treasurer.. sook lin and qian youPart of the sushi master(from left, yan hui, yan xian, hui ying, sook lin, li hong wan ting) wan ting act cool again.. relly beh tahan her..haha..

we, who in charge wif food keep curi makan.. haha.. dunno is it too starve or wat, feel soooo tasty! our sushi might not able to compare wif sushi king, but still very nice. and the goldren bread soooooo crispy.. there are two flavour, 1 is sausage and another 1 is crab stick. yummy~~

while raining time, sook lin, li hong, wan ting, hui ying and me stay in kps building, so we dunno how mess is in our booth during raining time. wat i noe is we are sooo tired till we sleep in kps building.. the post we sleep is quite funny.. we sit on a row n all of us sleeping there.. haha..
about evening time, we pack our stuff after rain then we get back to hostel.

Cook inside KPS building
scene took while raining in the booth..all look exhausted..while raining, we stay in kps.. haha..haha.. sook lin tak tau pakaimyself sitting beside sook lin. we 5 ppl sit in a row sleeping.. this picture is took while sook lin n me wake up jor.. all so tired ler.. aih...ugly post.. wakaka.. gotcha!
for the second day, we dont hav to wake up tat early.. so,, we get there about 8.30am and start sell till 12pm. we didn't sell till evening because according to our treasurer, we already get back our initial and today all the income will b our profit. we actually dun really mind to profit coz we just want to complete this project.. haha.. so.. the 2nd day, actually many booth aso didnt open. me myself also keep sitting at 1 place n makan.. coz lazy work liao.. haha...

but i'm not totally didnt do anything, haha.. suddenly remember this.. the kimbob suhi ran out of egg, so li hong n me go n cook some egg.. funny... li hong start cook 1st, n it look nice. so i try.. lol.. my egg is soooo ugly!!!! yucks.. yet many ppl surround me to see they way i cook.. awful... soooo embarassing! haha... tat time feel so much 1 2 hide a side liao, coz dunno y suddenly many guys come n c i cook the egg.. eeeeeeeee.....

our 2nd day shirt, PKUM shirt. we dun hav 2 KPS building cook, juz go in front stall cause they didnt open booth..
finally we have done our projects.. YEAH!!!!!
our crew.. somebody not there :(

p/s: a BIG THANKS TO ALL who support our food that day.. thanks

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