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ESQ Training Program

This article doesn’t do anything with my uni activities. Just think it’s quite interesting and memorable for me, so I just post it.
It’s a training program which is ESQ Mahasiswa training program. ESQ = Emotional & Spiritual Quotients. This program isn’t host by UEM scholarship, instead, it’s a program that our scholarship send us to. The training program held on 14-15 march 2009. However, our company ask us to check-in the hotel on 13 march 4pm. Guess what.. the hotel is a 5 star hotel and it’s a very well known hotel name Sheraton Imperial Hotel. At first I thought it will be more or less d same like other hotel, but when get there.. lol.. AMAZING! Haha.. most of the guest here are foreigner! Can be say 90%! I barely can found any local ppl here..
Lobby of the hotel. very comfortable!
I arrive there with LRT and taxi on 3.30pm. then I check-in and get my key(a card). Then I try to reach my room on 31st floor. It’s weird because when I get in d lft and try to press the 31st floor, it failed. I just heard the computer is saying what fail fail fail and I was thinking that the lift is spoilt. So I change to another lift, and the same thing happened. I’m so curious! How come a hotel is like that? Haha.. then I follow a foreigner get in d lift, and I c they put in their key to d slot then only they press the floor button. That time I only understand, the security here is really different. Only guest are allowed to get up! I was so malu that time n dare not tell others.. haha..
I’m d 1st to get in my room. Lol.. it’s a twin room, but my room hav 2 pack 3 ppl because girl is odd number. At 1st I thought another Chinese girl(UEM scholar) will be my roommate, who know they separate us.hmm.. the room is really really nice! The bed is very soft n comfortable! There’s a sony bravia plasma too! And their wardrobe is a build in type. The toilet is cool! Haha.. and one thing very special is the room has lots of mirror.. even the toilet too.. haha..

haha.. see my name there? once i get in room, straight away feel proud. lolThis is their plasma.. Sony Bravia series
So I quickly take my bath and get down for a briefing on 5pm with all other scholars. Then we are told to settle our dinner ourselves. Jessie(one of the UEM scholar, studyng in UKM), is the person which I can get close cause among the 13 scholars, both of us r the only Chinese.a first those malay suggest to go maju junction settle their dinner, but Jessie told me there had lots malay food, so we decide to go KLCC by our own. We get a map from the reception, then we start walk to KLCC. At there, we choose to eat at Mdm Kwan Restaurant. It’s my 1st time to taste the nasi lemak as this is the most famous food in mdm kwan(according to my fren). A plate of nasi lemak RM15+. While eating, amirah(not a pure Malaysian, my roommate, another uem scholar) text me n say want to join us, so we wait her. Then we start walk around. She look rich and Jessie n I start doubting why this kind of rich ppl can get a scholarship. Haha.. but she’s talk active and nice. Glad she’s my roommate. Then we start taking photo around there and walk back to our hotel, before we get back our hotel, we aso went into the Renaissance hotel and look around.
This is me, Amirah and Jessie.. 3 of us are 3 of the 5 UEM Renong scholarshipJust think that this is fun and nice!Photo took wif one of the chandelion in Renaissance hotelSwimming pool at our hotel. too bad we didnt bring swimming juz cuci kaki. haha..
The hotel gym room. very nice! most of the machine has a monitor, ppl can watch the tv while exercise!
Get back room and get know my 3rd roommate name Farah.. a very cute and chubby girl. Not a pure malay too(grandma is Chinese). She’s rich, but no idea why she can receive scholarship too.. lol..
The next day morning, we take our breakfast at the hotel. Lol.. the restaurant is very very nice!!! The environment, food.. wow… haha.. there’s a lot nestle yogurt, strawberry & honey dew & pineapple compote, salad, corn flake, few types of milk(4gotten what type), a lot bakery stuff…, waffle, pancake, omelet and noddle soup can be order since the chef is there and ready take order from u. moreover, there’s Chinese,malay,Indian cuisine.. got roti canai, dim sum, nasi lemak, lots of fruit, fruit juice and so on.. haha.. amazing! But I like the environment there. Really nice.
from left: Farah, Amirah, me, Jessie, Najwah
Then we walk to maju junction 1oth floor to attend our training program. At first, I thought it will be like a program that separate us to few group and ask us do this n that, cheers.. who noe, it’s a more Islamic training! Lol.. I really swt that time.. the whole training only Jessie and I are Chinese.. lol! I dun1 to condemn anything or describe anything here about the training program, if u want to know more, juz ask me directly when see me. Haha.. I guess u all will feel like this is crazy and silly if u were here(the training program). So Jessie and I keep try to find way to escape from this training program and back to hotel.oh ya.. have to let you all know, this program… lol.. it charge each person RM550(this money exlude our accomodation) for this 2 days program.. ROFL!!!!I have no idea why this program need RM550 as our activites is only “watch show”. Haha.. And we also get know that some or the participant use their own money to attend this training! Omg!!! I wish that UEM will juz use their money wisely.. maybe get me a better laptop ad mine now it’s abit spoilt.. sad..
The program end on 7.30, then we straight away go to sogo Restoran Krung Thep Thai to have dinner with our big boss.. the dinner is not really my favourite because most of the food are very spicy! Jessie and I also cant stand it, but we just consume some of it. Then we back hotel room and I start take picture with my roommate.
one of the photo we took in the bath tub. there are my roommate
The next day morning is the same, but Jessie and I become more brave and start skipping the training program more.. haha.. then around 7.30, we find excuse to cabut as they are still activities there..

The Swimming pool.. hehe

one of the view at the swimming pool!

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