Saturday, March 21, 2009

APK(Asas Perdagangan Keusahawan) Preparation

hmm.. one of my subject for this semester is APK.. it's something about business, it seems like everyone compulsory to take this subject.

there will be a hari keusahawana at my university on 25-26 March. our group consist of 20 members hav 2 set our business plan on that day and sell something.

on that day, my group will be selling kimbob sushi, bubble ice, and golden fried bread.. haha.. sound delicious??? in fact, i'm hungry now.. keke..

Our group leader(green shirt) Yeep. there all discussing business plan

that day, most of the EE 1st year gals went down to 2nd college DU to start taste the food..meanwhile, i start discuss d business plan wif my department..

2nd years senior teach them make kimbob sushi

tat day li hong sick jor n cant play wif d food, so i replace her n start curi makan all d time.. haha...

hope our sale will be good on that day!

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