Friday, March 27, 2009


Our SUPER BLACK STAR on wednesday (25/3/09)... Dai Jie @ Lai Sook Lin.. wahaha.. why do i say so?? let's c..

actually that day i was abit upset because of some friendship problem again.. however, soon i found someone is more unlucky than me.. haha...

hmm... Let's begin with her first case.. very early in the morning, our Digital System class had been postpond to 9.45am. so actually we can wake up late abit. but she thought we hav to get down to DTC to help our group member for the APK day, so she carry the bag n came down for breakfast... * this is not serious cause after that she found 2 buddy accompany her to pass up C++ tutorial instead.

2nd: during our digital system, suddenly our coursemate shout because there's a caterpillar behind sook lin shoulder.. lol.. i have no idea how come a caterpillar can crawl to her shoulder.. haha.. mayb she's just so "lucky"! haha.. thanks to our lecturer mr faisal to help her "shoo" away the ceterpillar n kill it.. lol..

3rd: After digital system class, we went to library for our KM class. This subject is kinda boring, usually we just surf the net while lecturer lecture there.. so we don't know much about this subject since it's not important for our final exam. somehow, today our lecturer call her to answer some question.. haha.. and we all laugh at her coz she's so "lucky"...

4th: after KM class we all walk to sastera faculty to collect our letter for APK day. sastera is quite far from our college.. once we get there, the staff told us we have to collect the letter at the DTC parking lot.. gosh.. so tiring, so we head to DTC.. unfotunately, we cant found any place for collecting the letter.. tat time is a sunny day, all of us soooooooo pik chik!

5th: we faster rush back to college eat lunch, that time left few minutes more for our next class (Calculus tutorial). hmm.. i think there's nothing happen at calculus class. so after class, we finish up our KM project and then head back to library to pass up our project. when we pass up the project, the staff told us we hav to pass up 2gather with our previous section of project.. lol.. sook lin so "lucky" because she din bring the previous one. haha..distance between our college and library is quite far away.. haha.. and so we quickly call our coursemate wan ting to bring her file here when she come library(coz she told me she 1 2 pass up today too), but too bad~~~ we all flood her hp, but she never answer.. tat time we thought tat wan ting purposely don't answer the call cause sook lin din answer her call this we keep wait at d library, but still ... swt..

sook lin busy call wan ting...
6th: without idling time, we ask her to pass up tml. ask somebody help her pass up. so li hong, me, hui ying n sook lin again walk to DTC to find our letter while li hong go n buy the bus fare. haha.. luckily we found the counter, but unfortunately, we waited for sooooooooo long yet there's no letter there! government stuff is really slow is doing things.. swt.. tat time we keep tease sook lin to go back college coz we guess she's too unlucky today n mayb affect us cant get the letter too.. haha.. n keep on teasing her whole day.. haha...

i guess that's all.. haha.. after back to college, li hong kena her bad luck too.. haha.. she lost her room key, n find for so long time only find out that somebody took it wrongly.. haha..

that day must be a unlucky day for us, but, sook lin is d worse.. poor sl.. haha..

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