Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Festival Seni at DTC UM ConGraTZ!!

22,March 2009. That day is our Festival Seni competition among the college which will be held at our Dewan Tuanku Chancellor (DTC), UM. Our college Chinese culture had organize a “trip” to giv our support to our Tarian Cina. All my roommates are going too.

Actually I’ve plan not going since most of my course mate not going. However, when I back to hostel from home(around 8pm), suddenly Jia Hui(my roommate) came in the room and invite me to go cause she and Samantha are going now. Feel intrigued, I quickly change my pants n get there with our mini mart worker’s car.

One of our college banner. We are "secholian". SECHOLIAN POWER!
another banner on top. Second "2nd" college
Phew.. lucky we manage to watch our representative performance in time. It was really amazing show! Their dance look more cool type..suddenly feel it’s worth to pay rm3 to watch all this performance. Most of the dance look nice with their costume. Quite impressing in fact. Heard my fren say today is only for the tarian cina and tarian india competition. Tarian melayu will b on the other day.The most unforgettable dance is the indian dance(dont know from which college). the guys performer mostly is big size, yet, they dance really intelligence and look funny! love it! too bad they juz manage to gt 1st runner up

One of the chinese performance..another chinese performance using tang lung.. got big n small.. heheAnother chinese dance with kipas
Indian most cute n funny dance(though they juz 1st runner up), but i love this team
After finish all performance, it’s photo section. That time feel very funny coz those performer suddenly become a pop star.. everyone wanted to take photo with them(include me!).. haha.. for the girl, they do add on wig while d boys, they hav 2 sacrifice to cut their hair. It’s cute for them to cut tat hair style. It’s look like Na Zha.. wahaha…

This is our college performer. c their hair? those are real hair. they cut in this shape.. hehe
These are the girl dancers with my coursemate kuan yuan. haha.. he look so funny in this photo

After photo shooting, then it’s the winner announcement. Our tarian cina get 1st runner up. Too bad.. coz they aim for champion. Actually I feel like their performance is the best, but for this type of competition, it always tat subjective and bias. Heard seniors say the judges love 5th college style(champion) and I don’t really see their performance is tat special like ours.

their ending post! dam nice!!!

After tat, we went back to room and tat night don’t know why, our roommates relation suddenly becom every good.. haha.. we chat till 2am and drowse off

All supporter(include x-secholian) came to support our heroes!!

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