Saturday, March 21, 2009

MoToR ExtreMe Performance In UM???

one of the motorist

ya.. that day (20/March/2009) i drive back to UM and attend our calculus class replacement.

aih.. feel stupid to attend d class coz i didnt listen to what the lecture saying.. as usual, he like 2 call d student out n "ACTION!!".. HAHA... i always say he like do act in a movie..

but something make me feel worth to drive back is i manage to see motor extreme in the account faculty(opposite of engineering faculty). the motorist usually is foreigner.

Cant capture clearly coz lots tree blocking.. but we can c very clear they do some pattern in the air

quite alot ppl at d account faculty cheering there while we juz stand on the engin fac n see after our class over. there are 3 motorist. 2 will b doing stunt in the air while one is only play pattern on the road(but very nice aso la..).. haha..

since tat time i only hav n73with me, only manage to capture some lousy video n picture.. if u interested, can take a look.. haha..

it's really amazing coz i never see a real extreme as we always watch at tv only.. haha.. yeng ooo!!!

after see it, i went back hostel n suddenly our of current.. so i went to jogging n explore um wif li hong n her roommate xiao yun(don't want go back home yet coz traffic very jam around tat time).. then go sentosa eat wif li hong all roommate.. hehe..then back home..

so sienz... coz on d way, d dam sg besi toll still jam.. swt


  1. yoyo..write many gud article..i m ur supporter

  2. hey my dear jianee..recently many tings happen but den dun wory stil gt us mar...i kira ur 'dai ka jie' gua haha..gambateh!!

  3. yaya.. gt ur support very good liao.. tyty... haha... like last time my pm say
    "the god is fair, when u gain something here, u lose something there"
    i guess this theory always apply to me in my lifestyle... haha

    btw.. u love my background song ma? i dam like ler... wahaha