Friday, February 20, 2009

CNY celebration at Bukit Jalil

15 February 2009.Another cny celebration.. lol.. this year cny really hav alot celebration as u can c from my blog archieve.. haha.. this time, this celebration is not organize by UM, till not i still not sure who is d organizer, but i know is those minister minister, and we stand a chance to join this dinner via our wakil mahasiswa Lian Chun.

so.. we hav 2 bus, 1 is senior bus, and 1 is junior bus. when get there, it seems very funny because most of the attendence wear something very simple but we all seems like abit ... haha.. because that day i juz receive a bad news from my fren, and whole night i actually very down, but still hav 2 force myself like nothing happened to enjoy with them, snap photo with's a hard night for me actually..
before gt in stadium, we still very exciting for the free meal! haha..

let's get back to topic.when we r there, feel abit shock with the condition there. it seems like alot of ppl might be coming and we can see this dinner is not something like we sit down on a table n let ppl serve us,in fact, is a"Huge public buffet"!

Before the dinner start. These tables are reserved for those minister and other "big ppl"

we seems very early, so b4 it start, i actually sat in d stadium n unwilling to walk to anywhere. oh ya.. before we get our nice seat, we all walk in so many doors in d stadium to look for a better place. lol.. after awhile, i really thirsty, so decide to go out get some drinks, and wan ting n shin yuan follow me. so we walk around this bukit jalil stadium and snap some photo. we aso seen the other group of ppl out there taking breathe instead in d stadium.
Qian Shou Guan Yin (took outside from d stadium)
The another group that i saw when i go out wif wan ting n shin yuan. nice post!
Shin Yuan and me

so the dinner start. i was very shock when i c that huge amount of ppl fighting for the food! that time i really not in mood to fight and decide to pay money at mamak stall eat. however, i noe my fren wont do that. so i hav 2 stick with the majority. feel like myself like a beggar n fight for food. duh.. really down that time.. however, i manage to find a smarter way to get food with wan ting. haha.. seeing all ppl fight, but we get our food so easily, make me feel i'm much smarter.. wakaka..

while eating(there's no table for us),there are some performance like lion dance,chinese drum, multiracial dance and so on.. but those not caught my attention at all..coz tat time i juz feel very much to get back home(not um)..
when the dinner start, so crowded! "ppl moutain ppl sea"
before we go home, we snap a "da he zhao" in front of d stadium and Qing Yuan start lead us shout "wish everyone happy chinese new year.." haha.. idiot yet fun.
Da He Zhao. Took at d entrance of d stadium

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