Tuesday, August 10, 2010

1st college and 2nd college

hm... i didnt know that 2nd college cc is that famous!!! lol.. i guess 2nd cc sure very proud with this. but. hmm.. let me finish my story

well, since i staying here, always sit with stranger during meal time. met 1st year to final year student. when i told them i was transfer from 2nd college to 1st college, most of them will ask me why and ask me compare the food btw this 2 college. lol.. almost can hafal what am i going to say edi.

but this is not the point that i 1 2 emphasize. hmm.. how am i going to start..
ok.. this few days i happened to chat with alot 1st year juniors during meal time. when they know i come from 2nd, they wont ask me compare the food, but they will tell me "2nd cc very strict1 wor"... and "if u 1 2 stay at 2nd, u need to be active in cc" and some sensitive thing which i dun1 2 mention here. well.. i'm very surprise as they only came here study for about 1 month, but they already understand how 2nd college work! lol.. i didnt know that until in 2nd year. LOL... i'm so slow la..

and some senior also know that 2nd college cc got many "dark side".. lol.. surprisingly, 1st college really understand 2nd college and i dun have to tell any story to them.

well, to those who still 1 2 stay in 2nd, all u need to do is be active in CC by ***** and **** *****, then u can stay safe and sound. GOOD LUCK
want to know what those word, ask me in personally. XD

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