Saturday, February 6, 2010

Chinese New Year Cleberation

before i update my broga trip, let see this..
Today once i wake up, terus get all d ang pow(my house have alot) and start to cut n lipat some pattern.. usually my family not that artistic, we seldom do this kind of things, but i just suddenly very bersemangat to do it.. haha.. so, since we have no idea how 2 do those lantern arr.. fish arr.. or what cha what cha arr.. then i google to look for info
finally, i manage to do some gorgeous work out.. hahahah..

some of my family member have nothing to do, so they come and join me. since my mum very weak, she just give some advise n opinion, and also teach d maid do the sewing things.. XD
last year i've downloaded the whole my astro cny album, so i play d song n sambil do.. love d atmosphere.. XD

my sis doing a normal lantern that i taught them last year
since my niece n nephew's kindergarten teacher ask them brought some ang pow deco on monday, so i help them do some simple fish n super simple lantern for them. if u noticed, d above picture, there's a lantern actually clip wrongly(my sis do it wrongly), so we decide let them bring tat lantern to kindergarten as well. :P dun1 bazir ma.. hehehe
my PeacockS!HUAT ARR~

this is the peacock that i tried to learn for this year.. but seems not as nice as i seen in internet.. :P.. wanna make more as like represent every family members, but feel not nice, so do two cukup. :P

and lastly.. my new,amazing and gorgeous artwork that i work out.. that make me feel most proud and everyone also said nice.......jiang jiang jiang jiang!!!
My very first lantern ball!

wel.. this lantern ball.. i remember when i'm in primary school, teacher ask us to do some cny ang pow deco and pass up as seni marks. since my family all aso dunno how 2 do, i just chin chai buat some n pass up(my seni memang teruk all d time). then i remember i saw my friend brought this ball n pass up. that time i really impressed wif it! so i quickly ask my fren teach me, but he say "very easy 1.. like tat like tat like tat".. clueless.. dunno what he said, he dun1 demo aso.. until yesterday night, i saw the picture showing this ball.. without tutorial, i tried to do it by looking the sample only.. gosh.. i'm so happy i've finally know how 2 make this lantern ball! haha.. love it! muacks!

my sis said she 1(want to give her bf), so i make 4 unit lantern ball(very tiring), 2 for me, 2 for her.. haha.. our ang pow paper really dam nice la.. but luckily cukup to do, 1 lantern ball need about 30 unit angpow packets..

my elder sis in charge taking care d kids, mum help to give opinion, and we also drag the maid to help us sew d thread so that we can hang on d ceiling. she always tell us she pandai jahit, but when ask her do this, wat also my mum n sis keep tease her lo.. XD.. oh ya.. one thing i just find out about my maid.. she know how to sing chinese song! Penny - Ni Yao De Ai.. lol.. when my computer play tat song, she sing along ler.. quite shock when heard she sing.. coz d sound she sing soooooo accurate...

and after about 4-5 hours.. my artwork is here~4 unit lantern balls, 2 peacocks, lantern, flower, fish.. XD

happy..although my eyes very tired, but overall very satisfied. i need to practise this tradition every year coz it let all family members stay together ,play and also create a harmony atmosphere. appreciate this moment and wish my mum's health has improvement..




  1. haha..jia nee~~ your post is very funny...!!!haha..u're really telented la, only by looking at the pic already know how to do!! and all the crafts are really nice, some i even duno how to do it!! missing home for cny seriously~~wanna make ang pau fish as well~~ haha..Happy CNY to u in advance! ;D

  2. fact I feel envy of u coz u can travel that far for few years should b very fun in new environment especially at that modern u can taste a different feeling of cny celebration Malaysia every year aso d same, nothing special
    not really talented la..just too free an wanted to try..hahaha..