Saturday, January 30, 2010


I remember when I was a kids, Thaipusam parade celebration is only during the night time and morning. But today, I can see Indian is start improving themselves.

Since the Indian temple is just few lot away from my house, I always get alerted for any Indian celebration. This year is much different! In front of my house, traffic had been jammed for 2 days! It makes me feel like not going out because I believe the town will be very jammed as well.

But I never blame them, because this is a very special day for them, on the other hand, I feel happy for them! I enjoy to see their street dancing and bringing a big things on their body. Their music is nice. Whenever they pass by my house, they will stop for awhile and then dance dance dance. After few minutes, they continue their journey to the temple. This year, it seems a lot more people carrying the things(I don't what does it called.Day time no that nice, but when at night, the things has light on it) if compare to previous year.
Very nice deco for this small valleyThe moon is very bright for the whole night

Until night time, I went to the Kajang small corner(between two temple(镇方寺and Xi Ya Miao)) for the CNY opening ceremony. With accompany is Dragon and Lion Dance performed by my secondary school(SMJK YU HUA KAJANG). Don't be surprise! YES! YU HUA HAS DRAGON DANCE NOW! hahaha... Other programs are 24 Season Drum which performed by Semenyih primary school and a tradition dance performed by Sg. Chua primary school. In Kajang, these 3 school are the popular chinese schools.Joey and Jonathan with the 4 Lion Dance
24 Season Drums performance
My follow my family member there to eat dinner as well at a stall in the Xi Ya Miao. It's been awhile for us to eat at there. I remember they are famous for their hand-made Hokkien Mee. I don't like Hokkien Mee but I love their Hokkien Mee~

While eating, the Dragon and Lion Dance with the accompanied of a lot YB and VIP(each of them have an obor on their hand) and some energetic chinese youths and adults went for the whole kajang town parade as the opening ceremony. So i carried my niece(10+KG) and keep run to follow the parade and let her see the lion and dragon dance.. My hand really want patah. Luckilt I did trained to walk fast at University(because my hostel and faculty berbukit-bukau), and enough stamina to carried her from the temple to Parkson there. Follow till half, feel like going to rain, so I decide to patah balik to continue eat. XD
YB and many VIP light up the Kong Ming Deng
After all the performances, the last want is the Kong Ming Deng(Big Tang Lung for chinese). They light up the lantern and the lantern will fly to the top of the sky. REALLY VERY NICE!
Kong Ming Deng Fly to the sky
cant capture very nice wif my phone camera, but it really very nice on the sky

Then back home and went to yum cha with friends. Decide to go Broga hill on next morning.

To be continue..

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