Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Yum Cha Night

yum cha seems like a very common things for everyone now, however, i feel that this time, this yum cha is dam so fun! WHY??
- we all sit motors togather go 3rd college yumcha(main point is we all SIT MOTOR)
- gossip and chat alot! (ALOT)
- some super funny thing happened (hints MISS WT & HELMET XD)

that night after class(tutorial till 9pm), then we suddenly said very hungry and decided to go supper.. so, RF fetch HY, SL fetch Me, WT fetch LH... then we all broooooom to 3rd yum cha.. actually we wanted to chat till very late, but because recently there are Undi things in our university, so we have to back before 12am unless we bring card makan but we dont.

after reaching UM, we continue to gossip(coz we feel tak cukup lagi), and i dunno y we will continue our 2nd round at the Motor parking area there(hot and got nyamuk).. ahahhaha... and alot jokes n gossip.. really laugh till my stomache... XD.. memorable time...
LH telling us jokes sambil ketawaeach of us sitting on a motor and start talkinglaugh till stomach pain!

though have to sleep very late(2am), but it's worth.. hahaha...

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