Friday, January 29, 2010

Mum n Jonathan's Birthday

This year, Amy decide to bring us go Jaya33 (PJ) restaurant to celebrate... that day (25 jan 2010), i was sooooo excited on the whole day, after finish all class, i cant do my homework and keep hoping time fly asap, coz they going to fetch me at 8pm.. :P
Cindy and Mum
so.. i dress up and went to the restaurant which named Oriental Pavilion or 大港城.. wow.. very very nice place(sorry, i didnt capture the environment, lazy).. even the menu aso very "nice"... hahaha... feel so weird that, in their menu, unlike normal restaurant.. hmm.. how to say ler.. it's like, when you want to order a meal, you have to say how many portion, coz they charge by counting the portion. for example, if you want to order Cod Fish, then each portion(means 1 person) is RM15, so, one family is about RM15x6.. hahaha.. and most of d meal cost about rm8-20+ per portion(i guess, juz roughly see d menu, i'm not the boss there, so my sis order)..there are some set. lol.. RM78 per person or RM100+ per person or RM7xx for 6 person.. even till RM1k++.. "faint"
so we have order Sup, Chicken, Cod Fish, Big Prawn, Fried Rice and Mee... just few thing already cost RM400+ swt.. no sharkfin aso..
As you have seen the picture above(i didnt capture all food), you can see center and right of the top, there's a very nice tea pot n cup. Guess what was that? hahaha...
Each of us was very surprise when they serve each of us a set of tea pot n cup(inside d cup hav a slice of ginger),then they help us pour d liquid from d tea pot to the cup.. n there, we know this is the sup.. hahahaha... inside the teapot contain the sup ingredient such as Yu Piao, Mushroom, Chicken and dunno what edi..

well.. this picture look not that good, because it was taken by my niece Joey.. She is soooo excited to capture our picture by herself.. and keep command us "quick.. go there sit and i take your photo" "Jonathan, go jia gong(grandpa) there and take photo wif Jia Gong"... lol.. beh tahan this monkey..

Jonathan Bday's cakehaha.. nola.. this is d cake for the Queen and UltramenMy sisters~ I'm youngest ok? somebody said Cindy is youngest.. gik sei me! :PJong's FamilyTwo monkeys that always make me go up and downAll look at cindy's camera, photo taken by Amy's SE Satio(12mp ler..)
poor Jonathan, always give me bully

Overall i very satisfied the meal. Not sure is sensitive or what, but we all agree that the food really tasty! the chicken is nice and sweet, the fish is always our favorite, the big prawn is very tasty(love to chew it, like chewing gum), sup is sweet(can feel not much ajinomoto),fried rice wont very dry but the Mee is normal.

Cake is very tasty too! Sis bought it from Pavilion Lavender shop.It's a fruit cake, even in the cream, they put some fruit too.. Very much diff if compare to eat cakes in hostel and dunno why they always buy chocolate cake(i don't like chocolate). but everytime when we celebrate birthday, sure left alot, since i'm going back hostel, i just bring it back and give to my roommate and coursemate eat. ^^

Really glad to have sister like Amy and Cindy, hope our family have more function like this.


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