Sunday, January 3, 2010

First week for Semester 4

Grumble alot when back to hostel. lol.. this week really memorable.. everyday full of activity! hahaha.. love it!

so, monday night, went to pasar mlm wif ksy,cwt and klh... bought alot food.. wanted to buy more, but 1 diet!.. hahaha.. so, we been there from 6 to 9pm. then 9pm went to my captain meeting.. Badminton training list r out.. aih.. so lazy to become a captain.. i just want to be player la.. dun like ke po so many things la..

Tuesday: 1 hour class only, then went to 1UTAMA with my fellow of coursemates. more details can get from
very tired.. walk whole day till night time then went to CC meeting. till 11pm+ only rest

Wednesday: after morning class, decided to skip my afternoon class and go Klang wif psy, xn , sn eat my favorite bak kut teh. psy intro us to new bak kut teh shop which visited by the ah xian(a guy from d 8tv or aec program).. really dam nice.. yummy~ then went to jusco shopping while wait psy dye hair.. till evening back. then night time have badminton training. till 11pm+ only can rest.. tired jor

Thursday: New Year Eve.. no where to go. After class, go Midvalley with fellow of coursemate again. Went to have our last lunch of the year 2009.. XD.. went to Canton-I for lunch.. makan alot.. order Mian Xian wif WanTan and Xiao Long Bao(Highly recommended).. we are sooooo surprise when Rui Feng and Hong Yann decide to belanja us all makan.. haha.. THANKS ALOT TO THEM!! Night time boring.. didnt go for new year eve celebration

Friday: Went to Kuantan with family. before reach there, stop by at Gambang water park. seems a nice place to play, but hardly get ppl to come here play with me.. :(.. then went to Teluk chempedak

Saturday: still at Kuantan.. evening arrive kajang, then went to sis's bf's sis's birthday party. makan n chatting, then finally back to home at 9pm+.. mandi n on9!!! hehehe..

Sunday: went to sri hartamas and then lunch at Puchong Bak kut teh. then back home blog.. prepare to go back UM.. =(

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