Saturday, January 23, 2010

GACC Annual Dinner - Masquerade Mystique

This year, GACC annual which organize by GACC 13 MT, held at Boulevard Hotel, right beside Midvalley. This year I really enjoy the annual dinner. Really thanks to Li Hong and Hui Ying.. haha...The theme for this dinner is Masquerade Mystique, everyone compulsory to wear mask there.
tat day i really busy.. 11.15am back home, 1.15pm reach home, after makan n pack my things, then rush back hostel to meet my scholar company, n i just find out i forget bring back key and hp. when arrive, lucky b100 door is opened, coz i dun hav access card to get in my i borrow sook lin access card and cabut to faculty meet mr azman. really messy..after meeting mr. azaman is about 6pm, then cabut balik to prepare..
B4 going there, we snap some pictures in Midvalley. Nice DECO!!!

Door gift. Li Hong, Me, Hui Ying. Behind is our buffet dinner

we arrive there around 7.40 but party still not start yet. I' quite boring coz everyone busy taking picture, and i just lazy(and i don't know much ppl there).. so hui ying, li hong n me just walk around and survey the food(so tat when d buffet start, we know where to grab nice food 1st^^)

Our Dessert美女食神

Then hui ying and me go counter there take some mask n capture picture..

Hui Ying and me with the Mask

haha.. when the start, we 3 ppl keep on grab food until the whole table is food, lol.. we just like hungry ghost n makan makan makan.. keke.. dam siao.. after tat go walk around and take photo..there's a swimming pool outside of the restaurant..
Good evening ladies~
lucky li hong teman us sit, coz most of the GACC 14 MT sit 1 table

After taking photo, we back to our seat to play game - Guess Photo(those photo had been twist and turn, n we have to guess who or wat in d photo).. during the games, wai keat and "princess" kena played.. hahaha.. they are being asked to dance indian dance, but lastly we ask them post some lovely post.. hehehe.. comel! the whole night i didnt stop laughing during the game section cause my table-mate is dam gila funny, especially li hong.. she seems HIGH edi.. haha.. go to fight for mic, screaming, and talk alot funny things.. really happy wif her! XD envy she so brave! hahaha
During a game, this two fella kena main by li hong and others.. hahaha
Our table won a lot in the game.. got free 2 champagne!! hahaha.. thx to li hong, mei xian, da lung,jin wei, jun yan, jia xiang, rui hong.. they really funny! so glad to be same table wif these ppl! hahaha..
champagne opening ceremony

the last section is voting for the best mask among girls and boys. by seeing those candidates, we can conclude tat, guys is really 38 n gila.. too creative and let's look at d picture.. their masks are...
Top3 Best mask Guys category

and girls are just special.. actualy there r alot nice mask, but mayb every1 wearing alomst d same, this 3 juz special enough to be chosen as top 3
Top 3 Best mask Girls category
after finish, we (10 ppl: me,lh,hy,jy,tl,kumar,mf,mx,rh,)went for a lame night movie.. haha.. actually plan 2 back home, but too tired, so just back hostel sleep.

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