Wednesday, January 27, 2010


today really a bad day for me
because some "wolf" just happened to spoilt my day

duh.. as my title said, it's like d pretty will rules d world
if u look tough n not pretty
nobody will side u
but if u look pretty and weak
every guys will volunteer to help u

very very mad about this..

please guys, open your eye as big as you can and look clearly
u do not know hooooooooow bad is a girl though she's pretty
u hav no idea what's inside her mind
you only want to adore them because you want to own them
and that's y we the ugly group will kena if we offended them
because you guys will just do your best to help them
n make this 人面兽心 pretties happy
screw you guys!

i'm helpless now..
this world is sooooo unfair..


  1. totaly agree we (not charming girls) owz at negative side..haizz..dah biasa kena ppl zhat ler