Friday, February 26, 2010

Chu 1 CNY

kinda late to update my new year celebration.. let start with the Nian 30 Wan(cny eve). that night went to ah ma house makan with all relatives.. very crowded and lucky there are two houses combined, else, i think cant fit all of us there. keep play with the kids, and some of my cousin nieces grown up, time really flies, now they are secondary edi and one of them graduate from form 5.
sis and me while eating tuan yuan fan

after that night, back home and online till 1am.. the fire cracker sound around the neighborhood played continuously. and it make a very good atmosphere! love it.. hehe

early morning chu1, was woke up by my nephews. then "xin nian kuai le ba,xin nian kuai le kor, xin nian kuai le ma..." hahaha.. then faster change to new clothes and be ready to go ah ma house again.

like usual, after eating breakfast there, then chit chatting until afternoon, then we will go visit dad's friends. This ppl is very famous in kajang and cheras, a very rich guy. His house is 3 big houses combined into 1. and off course, ang pow there aso big abit.. hehe..his house very comfortable and we always happy to go there.
our family and dad's friend family

after that, back home take a nap(coz yesterday watch supernatural till quite late until abit headache). about evening time, lion dance came to my house, change my clothes then start video record and enjoy the show~ nephews so scare with the lion dance, but wants to touch d lion dance pulak.. and the lion dance fool wif him by chasing him till he keep scream.. hahaa..too bad Joey and Jonathan is not there with us, i bet they sure love it!
the two lions dance that came to my house.. ^^

night time stay at home with supernatural again.. XD

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