Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lou Sang #1 at Jaya Palace, PJ

This year Lou Sang really surprising, currently i have lou for two times. both also very very enjoying and surprise! haha..

The first one is at Jaya Palace at PJ on Sunday(7 Feb 2010) with my family. My sis and bro-in-law treat us. Why they choose this place? hmm.. not quite sure, i guess it's convenient to send me back after the dinner(cause i back to hostel every sunday night :( )

When arrive this place, i thought it would be like the normal dine in, but who knows, inside of this restaurant is very nice! Nice deco and very good environment. When we arrive, there's only 2 table left. All the private room and normal table full. By that time, I thought this place wouldn't be very expensive because it seems like a very common place to let family enjoy their dinner.
These are the private rooms with the Dynasty name (qing Chao, Ming Chao..)Me & Leng Lui

let skip all the bla bla bla n back to lou sang. First meal is Lou Sang. I remember every year also lou many times de, don't know this year need lou how many times again. at first, the waitress open up some ingredient such as honey and salmon and other, then pour in d lou sang. Every single ingredient do represent a meaning and the waitress will said out. for example, when she pour d honey, she will said "大家甜甜蜜蜜"..and alots la.. haha.. i remember got something health, wealth, handsome and leng lui.. wakakaka... well, i guess d lou sang expensive is because of these meaningful words. after finish pouring all the ingredients, then it's our time to stand up and LOU!!! hahaha.. Since most of my family members are english or malay edu, usually i'm d one who speak alot those 4 word peribahasa(about new year) during lou sang. XD
My First Lou Sang sooo yeng.. you also can notice their turn food things very special also

Other meals including scallop fried with some weird things, Scallop soup, roasted pigglet(dam love it), chicken+ sea cucumber, fried rice, dessert(very nice!). All the pictures can be seen through my facebook. too lazy to upload here. XD
One of my favourite! Yum Yum!

In this restaurant, the environment and atmosphere very elegent and nice. There's a place has alot aquarium with alot lobsters and big crab and some weird fish. haha.. then i brough my niece and nephew to play the lobster. Lobster are really huge until their misai fly out from d aquarium top there. to make my niece and nephew kagum with me, i force myself go pull d lobster misai and pull it half out from d water surface.. wakakaka.. so dam scare..
Cute dessert. Inside got many ingredients

Well.. with this meal without Yu Chee(shark fin soup or lobster or crab), it cost RM800++.. lol.. no bull shit. this is real! lol.. really give this Palace chop we all already.. hahaha.. last week baru get chop.. this week kena chop again... :P but it's a good try!

Happy CHINESE NEW YEAR to all of you! ^^

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