Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Broga Hill

hmm.. i think it's been few weeks ago i been to broga hill with my friends yen hoong, sek cheng and win shen. This plan come out after we yum cha at McD that day.

early morning, sek cheng fetch yen hoong and me go 2gather, win shen drive himself. we shoot off at 6am, then reach there about 6.30am, but on the journey, yh suddenly 1 do "big business" so we went to the temple and find toilet. (d temple is much deep inside of the broga hill).
Yen Hoong.. We almost reach the topthree of us posing emo

after that we start climb up around 7am, that time sky start abit bright
it's hard to climb up d hill, really tiring.. i guess i use about half an hour to climb up. lucky that day is sunday, alot ppl there and 4 of us just follow people and climb up(we don't knwo the way to d hill)..
4 of us

reach at the top, the view is very nice, everything seems perfect except too much ppl there. everyone busying get the best pose and angle to take photo.. busying doing funny pose.. basically, there are 3 top hill, since yen hoong and me reach the top 1st, we take some photo and then go to the 2nd hill. we notice d 3rd hill is tooo difficult and dangerous, and we really exhausted.. so we decide not to go too far..

captured a guy.. don't know why he standing there alone with the camera, but i thought this picture is nice

the wind on the top there very very strong and cooling. lucky when we reach the top there, it won't feel hot and the sun just about to rise. haha.. guess we lucky, don;t have to wake up tat early to watch it rise,, :P
after taking photo, then we cabut balik(i miss my home.. haha..)..
cabut balik loooo........

very nice place except it cause my knees very pain. my knees start pain few years ago while i play badminton. normal day walking doesnt make any problem, only playing badminton and other sports make my knees pain.. quite worry about it..
Photoshop myself

Hope my coursemate faster get a time to go there too~



  1. HEY!!! nice view! where is it actually, in kajang? Makes me wanna go also!! And you are really good at editting photos! The cabut balik one super did u do it? haha..weyy, when i come back must bring me go o~

  2. kajang..near Nottingham campus quite famous and alot of ppl going there to snap photo..when u back?we go togather again lo!!haha..not really good in editting picture..just simply do it for fun..haha

  3. haha..that's great! It seems that there will be just a few months left before i come back to Malaysia..^^

  4. oh yea,, then u pandai pandai grab some souvenirs for me la.. wakaka..