Thursday, January 22, 2009

NeW anD X-rOOmMate

"E307" is my current new room. Previously, this room stay by 3 people only. Since there are reconstruction for some building in my college, now they squeeze us 4 people in a room. Quite pack inside.. urghh..

Cherry - My block C roommate staying with me in this new room. We quite miss our block C room because there's only two person in a room. hehe..
Siew Yee - GACC marketing director. Very geng in make up. 2nd year senior
Jia Hui - GACC miscellaneous director, Very geng in set hair. 2nd year senior

It's a bit weird for me to stay under 1 roof with a senior.Hope in this coming new semester, our relation will be enhanced.

Me, Siew Yee, Jia Hui, Cherry

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