Friday, January 23, 2009

2009 NeW YeaR Eve

This year new year eve, actually i plan to go home sleep only, but since my course mate so excited to come my house spend new year eve for me, so i made a small planning for them

1stly, i ask my secondary friend(siew) how to go to look up point. after find out the way, then i keep thinking where should i bring them???
finally, i remember they love kajang satay(which kajang chinese rarely eat de), so i decide to bring them taste Kajang most popular food - Kajang Satay at Haji Samuri(at kajang library building).

because there's limit place for me to fetch them with my kembara, i only manage to ask 3-4 people come to my house. At the end, Li Hong, Hui Ying, Shin Yuan and Sook Lin are the chosen to enjoy my "half night trip". After they have their dinner at d.u., they take ktm to reach kajang, then i fetch them back my home to unload their stuff.then bring them go there very funny lo! because that's d place we have our "kuah wong yi hao"(sook lin) and "kuah wong er hao"(shin yuan) because they can eat the satay kuah plainly without anything.. like drink soup.. haha.. then we also snap some photo. very funny lo! lucky no friend there, cause kajang people take photo in kajang sound very crazy la.. haha..

after that, since there's time before 12pm, i brought them to Connaught Pasar Malam(the longest night market in malaysia).. The place very crowded, and we also saw a secholian there (Shi Ni). Not sure they like this pasar malam anot, but lucky i manage let them taste the "臭豆腐" which not as 臭as last time edi.and also let them taste the japanese food(dunno wat name edi).because the night market too long, and we walk till 11.30pm. that time i know we already run out of time to go look up point to enjoy the countdown atmosphere.

but no matter how, i think it's a good try to bring them enjoy the scene. on the way, it's very traffic we park about 500m away from the look up point and walk there, snapping some photo n enjoy the scene there.thought can yum cha at there, but that day gasoline only sell set meal, didn;t sell any drinks.. don't know whether they enjoy anot, but i really happy cause manage to bring them there though we already miss d firework section.. haha..

after that, back to my home, n they start enjoying some movies and reading b4 go to bed. haha..
hope i have bring a memorable day for them~ cheerzz~Welcome to Sate Kajang at HJ Samuri~
Sook Lin, Shin Yuan, Li Hong, Hui Ying, Me
See?They really love Satay!! haha..

"Kuah Wong Yi Hao" (Finish a full bowl of kuah)"Kuah Wong Er Hao"
Our Dai Ka Jie~~ at Hj Samuri
This two "sau mang mang" de..
Look Up Point Scene
yeah! We made it to here!!!HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009!