Saturday, July 25, 2009

UM new policy

juz received a email that circulating among the student of UM about our new car policy

they are so many complaint about the new policy.. and the authority juz gave some nonsense excuse.. haha.. nobody love it..

hopefully someday there will some mogok case happened so that the authority could fix the problem asap, cause it really a lot of trouble for those who staying outside.


  1. em..
    For those who bring car mayb wil troublesome them..
    But for some seniors,i feel they wil agree with the policy.
    Bcoz when u r in final year,u forced to bring car n cant get the parking then u will angry all the rich rich juniors who bring car n put at ur place.
    So the policy is good.At least thy thk abt all the final year..

  2. come on la final year senior.. u ppl is ppl, we junior is not ppl la? u cant find parking then u hav 2 come out a solution la..