Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lonely dog

recently very lazy to upload photo to update the activities in college...

it's my 2nd day staying in second college(coz i'm d "appealing batch")...

when i'm back, everyone seems busy with their project n interview things.. haha.. though i'm a senior now, but i think many of them dun recognize me coz i didnt attend the CC meeting with all the juniors..

feel like myself very passive, my coursemate all very busy with the interview n project things, sometimes always make me feel very lonely.. so usually i will find ppl sms n hang out...

however, i find out that this act will hurt ppl... i'm a selfish one? omg.. it's really terrible for me now.. i dun have much fren in 2nd college, yet i'm forbidden to hang out wif someone that i think i close with... life is really sucks har?

i hav 2 adapt myself wif the new environment, but, i getting over humble till i dun hav d guts to communicate with the juniors... i wanna run away from all d difficulties..

i'm a coward pathetic lonely dog..

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