Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sunway + KLCC

Last week went to Sunway eat. Quite blur what to eat because not very familiar with Sunway. Then look for directory.. Most of the restaurant can be found in our frequent hang out place. So decide go to "Honeymoon" to eat our favourite dessert - durian pancake again. After eating around, I still feel that Honeymoon pancake is the best because their durian meat is nice and the batter is not that much. besides, the skin to wrap it up doesnt taste weird nor too thick.

[picture will be update on next article because.. hehe..]

After that, jalan jalan and continue look for our dinner. After eating dessert, already very full. So decide to pick "Simply Penang". Didnt order much, but I wont recommend this restaurant much because the lao ban liang look not friendly. Moreover, their food isn't that special. So-so only.
Some small snacks.

with their special sauce.
 Forgotten what's the name of the above dishes. It's special but wont tasty
Penang CCF
Their penang CCF also so-so only. I still prefer SS2 that penang ccf.

After that, someone said the night is still young, in fact it's already 10.30pm. haha.. so we decide go makan angin awhile and so, we stopped by at KLCC again. Night time we like to come here simply because the view is nice and there's an illegal parking which the police wont come and saman.(quite alot car stop by there)

saw the Apartment is there, so decide go drink drink. Again because monsieur Eric need to drive, so I have to drink all the Heineken and Whaler's Hawaii whiskey. The waitress of the Apartment is very friendly and nice. and he is so cute! hehe..
macam eat dadah

Somehow I feel like I start become an alcoholic. The feeling of being drunk is so nice. That night I was drunk till difficult to walk straight line. Head is so much heavy. But luckily the next day I didnt get headache. haha.. only that stupid Jiu Mo still follow me.. damn itchy!


  1. since when ur blog is about eat ah? XD

  2. v cant go bt v can knw the food gud lea..can always hang around n go makan angin lea....jealous betul ><..

  3. zs & yh: erm.. coz i always go makan only.. very sien la.. nothing else can do except eat.. so update about food saje lo

    chimin: yes lo.. going to rehab soon