Friday, March 4, 2011

Sushi Tomoi in SS2 (updated)

This weekend as usual, most of the night have dinner with Eric out there. On Monday night we have bak kut teh in Cheras as our dinner. On Tuesday, we went to Sushi Tomoi again which is located at SS2. This is the third time I had been there. First time is introducte by my brother. He told me this shop is run by japanese. You can taste the difference. So, the first time I enter, I kinda not comfort to eat because this sushi rest is a bit more expensive than other sushi shop. But my brother give me the guts to order by saying he treat. haha..

Now it's the second time for me to dine in with Eric. so, we try many things and most of them really very satisfying. I notice that their boss can't speak english very well. sometimes she trying to give us advice, but i don't get what she mean. Curious why she give us advise? haha.. cause we order alot that time. and we decide to eat our hand roll at the end of the meal. While we eating the others sushi n udon mee, she approach us and ask us to eat the handroll first with reason it need to be eaten fresh while they just got it rolled.

We both love this restaurant and we couldn't find any better out there. 

The above sushi is my favourite which is first recommended by my brother. I don't know what's it's name. When you chew it, the juice in the little ball will splash in your mouth. Very tasty. I tasted this in Sakae and Zanmai before, but seriously, this one more nice. It cost RM7.90 for 1 piece and RM12.90 for two pieces. Everytime go sushi tomoi, I will order this
Part of our order on last time

See the picture above, the big bowl is the udon, red colour container is bulgogi if not mistaken. the right side thing is very very tasty! I don't know what's the name of it, but the draw it quite big in the menu, so i guess this 1 is recommended by the restaurant itself. If u dine in there, be sure u try this! u will find something very funny with this, cant show it from the picture.

2nd visit. With their udon mee

Price: mostly around rm80-100+ for 2 persons

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