Thursday, March 10, 2011

VI Concept Restaurant & Bar | NJ Steak House | Tian Pin Ge Ge

Ok. This weekend we found alot nice food around Puchong, Wangsa Maju and SS2. What do I found.. hmm..

First is we went to 甜品哥哥at ss2, PJ. Eric and I always prefer to eat tong shui at 记得食 because that place always full and need to line up. This shows that their desert is better. However, that day I say want to try the Tian Pin Ge Ge(always very less ppl there). ok, the tong shui menu more or less like the tong sui is Sg.Long, but they have my favorite Durian Pancake! Awesome! Now not only "My Honeymoon" have this desert. haha..
The Durian Pan Cake
Next station is Wangsa Maju. We saw a ferarri park outside on the street.. so yeng lo!and there's also few sports car there. But I kinda don't like this place because alot cars here and they simply park it aside which make the road very small.. but their Wangsa Walk seems very big and nice to go shopping! should have go to try next time. Then we try Wangsa Maju NJ Steak House(not sure is it this name). Actually we plan to go try the 4 Happy Season House which the restaurant use the 4 season concept. Thought the environment should be nice to dine in, when we get there, the restaurant is closed with notice "close for renovation". We were like.. "WTF!! Came all the way just to tell me you r closed! SCREW YOU! I WILL NEVER COME!" But due to hungriness, we simply pick a steak house. That steak house is runned by malay and I think it's new because they dun have a proper menu yet, and the stuff there seems like all are family member. So I orderes Carbonara and Eric ordered Bolognese. I can say that the taste is really good! (it's true.. the cheese smell very cukup!)
With my carbonara, Camera not good.
Then lastly is this VI Concept Restaurant & Bar. I think this place is runned by alot rich ppl because I feel that there are few bosses there and outside of this place has few sport cars(very yeng!).. the concept on this VI Concept is all about ferrari/ sport cars.. inside there got a big model for ferrari, and all the seats are very special which i think need special order from factory. My camera picture is not so clear, would recommend to check here .. The price of the meal is quite expensive. but i think you should come for atleats once to see everything. The boss is quite friendly. And not to forgot, they use iPad to order food. awesome right?

their seat can adjust to how many degree as u like.. it's so comfort.
don't know how to rotate this pic. There's honk there, it wrote "Honk me!! our crew will serve you!!"
ok. this weekend going to end soon.. looking forward to my family trip~

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