Friday, March 25, 2011

Clubbing at Zouk

Last week after Power mid sem test, my coursemates organize to go clubbing at zouk. I didnt brought any cosmetic or dress to hostel, so borrowed from WT and LH. Thanks to them~

It's my first time to clubbing and I feel so shy to go dance in the dance floor. But Liow kor keep give us courage n teman us n show us how to dance. then man man follow the bit and dance. It's ladies night, so free drinks for ladies! hehe..

The whole night is really fun with the guys..
Quite enjoyable, in fact I wish to have another chance to go again.

Will never forget the gay guy & liow kor, sweet couple, silly qi ling, protective rui rui san, hy, hy, lh, wt, bf, hw.. ^^


  1. upload some pics ma~!!!! im goin after my prom la..i gt no dress ar..><

  2. lol.. no dress? i thought u have it edi? havent get photo from friends

  3. haha..faster get it let mee c hw ppl dress geh..dun1 malu mean clubbing dress ma..very fan lo dis prom. haven get accesories yet zzz..