Thursday, March 24, 2011

Gold Class & Sushi Tei (updated)

Last Saturday, went to dating with Eric at Midvalley. When we arrive there, I told him I want to watch movie cause we've been long time didnt watch edi. He said go The Garden watch. I thought we are going to the signature seats again, but who know he go and buy the gold class ticket. hmm.. We went to Gold Class at Pavilion before and I remember I told him that we will watch for once in our life only because the ticket is not worth the price. Although I feel happy to watch in GC class, but still feel it's a waste of money. Considering we seldom watch movie, so, I hold my trigger and go watch with him.

The lobby for both places gold class is very nice, but i will prefer Gardens nicer. FYI, GC seat is very comfortable as they provide a big single sofa which u can press the button and adjust the degree that you want to lie on it. Besides, they also provide blanket for u. between two sofa will have a table which let you put your food and drinks there. You don't have to queue and buy the drinks and snacks, when you enter the lobby, the staff will approach u and ask what you want to order, then when u get inside the hall, they will send to your table.

Our GC Ticket
The difference btw Pavilion and Gardens is that Gardens GC provide small pillow. And the seats between two is nearer.The movie that we watch is the battle of Los Angeles. quite nice.
In Gardens Golden Class Cinema

After finish watching it, both of us still feel very full. So decide to dine in Sushi Tei since the portion would not be big. okay. In short, I quite like this Sushi Tei if compare to Sushi King. Their food is very fresh and the rice is very nice too.
We ordered those that we cant eat in sushi king. Ikura, 2 for rm12.80. Price reasonable and same like Sushi Tomoi. But I will prefer sushi tomoi for Ikura. The next one i cant differentiate. one is Aburi Tai and the other is Aburi Butterfish. Not bad and it wont smell fishy!
Also, I ordered a Unagi Hand roll. They are variety of handroll. I quite like this because the unagi is served in hot! and their seaweed is much better than sushi king.  love this!
Hotate Misomayo
and this HOTATE MISOMAYO is the best that I have ever found! it's a big scallop with baked cheese and mayonise sauce in it and lemon juice(optional). Very delicious... If eating wont get me fat, i will drag eric to treat me eat this everyday. hahaha.. YOU SHOULD TRY THIS!

Then, we went to Putrajaya and back home


  1. Oh I watched hundreds movie in GSC but I've never stepped into GC! Thanks for making me feel like entering it. Haha! Envy =)