Saturday, October 9, 2010

Family Trip - Third Day ( ipoh )

feel abit lazy to blog recently. hmm.. should continue with my family trip on third day tho.
early morning went to breakfast at the hotel while waiting my sis n bro in law sleep. breakfast not very much variety and I bored.

after that, went out to have breakfast. wanted to eat the hor fun but they haven't started. so, we decide wait while I go da bao the very famous dao Fu fa. rm1.70, very small portion but the queues is very long till the road. I really feel that in Ipoh, the food here is very kua zhang. all have to take a long queue else finish fast.
long queue at the road side to buy the soya drinks and the dao fu fa..

Dao fu fa. see the portion? expensive yet little

tried the dao Fu fa, n I think the queues  worth it. the most delicious dao Fu fa I have ever taste! very smooth! then my sis said want to go buy ka ya kok. but after queue, sold out. lol.. Ipoh food really kua zhang!

After finish eating the nga choi gai, a little girl approach our table and ask us to buy fruits. we bought everyone of us a pack. after that, we are curious why the little girl still stand there. haha.. she was looking at Joey because she playing ipod touch game. that game is about math. Little Joey still not good in math, then the little girl keep teach her play. so we start ask the girl how old is she. to be surprise, only 9 or 10 years old. at this young age come out sell fruit alone? isn't that very dangerous.. >.<
Left side is Joey, right side is the little girl

Teaching Joey play

she reluctantly leave our table went we leave. haha.. cute girl.

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