Sunday, October 10, 2010

money $$££¥¥€€

money really never been enough for me!
recently seems like want to use alot money, maybe I should ask my parents start give me pocket money now. really very poor without pocket money.

I wanted to change handphone. have no idea which phone, just wanna change. my handphone going to 3 years old soon.

want to go shopping!!! want to buy alot cloths!! fedup with my cloths edi.. I wanna buy a jeans.. maybe levis again? but no money laaa..

wanna try contact lens.. although scare, but feel wanna give a try. wearing spec really not convenience. if wear, need spend money again..

want 3.2k!!! *pai seh to say the reason here*

awww.. when money will be enough for me???

1 comment:

  1. money is nvr enuf a lady~T.T i nit half of 3.2k~shhhhh~our secret hahaha~