Sunday, December 5, 2010

First Time Get Myself Drunk

already two days passed after get myself drunk. I'm still lying on my bed because fever and headache. moreover while body feel weak to walk n sit. so keep on sleep only.

well, Friday after exam, my stomach still not good and then decide to put my fren aeroplane n rest in room. them after that follow Eric to go dinner at bangsar village. then went to pavilion to get some drink. I told him I wanted to try and get myself drunk, so, we found a pub at the pavilion street there and ordered a jug of heineken and a cup of mallacen Whisky. forbidden Eric to drunk since he has to drive, i drank all the Whisky and whole jug(minus one glass for him).

after that, my face turn abit red but i still get myself to toilet slowly. while drinking, I keep talk nonsense n pour out all my woes to him. but tat fella keep play my iPod touch because he want to break my ninja fruit record. haha.. then after footing the bill, he fetch me back to hostel.

hmm.. I was little drunk there though my mind still conscious. it just that I have to walk little slow. this is because when if I turn my head, I know I would just fall to that direction. so, to avoid this embarrassment, I walk slowly n steadily.

the next day early morning, my stomach become uneasy again(recently keep feeling uneasy) n then my head was like being hammered by thousand of hammer! I never taste this pain before and it's really shit! I can't lie on my bed because when I lie down, my head will be very painful

so, the whole day I took 4 panadol but still headache. however, the pain is much more relieved if compare to
morning. and I aso find myself Qi very big jiu mo from my stomach to by buttock. very ugly... scare let my family c it Coz I didn't let them know I was drunk on the other day

this morning, feel cold n hot again. so, take some breakfast and take another two panadol n sleep again. and now, I'm so so so much boring because I can't do anything except
lying on my bed n play iPod touch. even play too long time, my eyes will pain n I have to sleep again

the aftermath of being drunk is really sucks! I swear I won't touch it again


  1. Haha, yup, feeling after awaken from drunk isn't nice as well... i had tried b4, d head was pain like h***... haha, n from tat time onwards, i swore not to get drunk again... :P

  2. drink is to enjoy not to get drunk

  3. hahaha... saje 1 get drunk ma.. now i know it's so teruk, next time maybe just drink it for enjoyment lo.. XD