Sunday, November 11, 2012

Convocation Lunch @ Edo Ichi Duta Solaris

After studying for 4 years in University of Malaya, finally I have graduated in Bachelor degree of Electrical Engineering.

So, in our family, every time when there is someone graduate, we will have a grand makan time. This time, my sister recommend us to dine in at Edo Ichi which located at Duta Solaris. I've been craving for Japanese food since coming back from USA!

 I like the above because it taste very good. I tried the one in Sushi Tei before but that it has some fishy smell there. This is clear and tasty. :)

I order this set.Can't remember the name but it's made with beef. Taste very fresh and nice. The raw egg, couldn't take it raw, so i just pour it into the beef soup and eat them together. Rice is nice. I miss beef because I beef in USA taste really good one. And off course, in Japan, their Beef which we called Wo Ngao taste super good.

Picture doesn't look very good cause I took this when we almost finish this salad. This salad is a must try. I have no idea what's the name cause it is ordered by my sister. Everyone of us Love it.

Another set that we have ordered is this smoked salmon. Taste very fresh and smell good. One bite make me love it!

Sister order this handroll. I didnt get the chance to take a bite.. >.<

I love this scallop.. Usually I will ordered scallop when dine in at Japanese restaurant. My sister and I love scallop alot. This one just taste as tasty as how it looks.

My sister love this. But me myself doesn't like it. Cause it doesn't look good. It doesn't smell fishy, in fact I hate fishy smell. But this little fish, when you eat them, there's alot small small thing instead of the fish meat which make me feel disgusting.

 This is the best! Very fresh and awesome. I hate eat Sashimi usually, but this just caught me. I'm in love with the sashimi!

 This one is cod fish. My sister love cod fish and same goes to me. But I doesn't like to eat cod fish in japanese restaurant. I will still prefer chinese style Cod fish which they usually steamed it. Delicious!

My bro-in-law ordered this instead of ordering a set. He always eat very small portion

Parents order the same thing which is this one. Forgot to taste it!

La La~~ My nephew love La La and same goes to my sister. 

Our table is full of food. Very pack.. >.<

After finishing, then we ordered these dessert. I ordered the white one, can't remember what flavour is that. But I like the Ocha and Black sesame. Taste special and smell really good.

Thanks to everyone especially my mum! She treat us this time. Hehehe.. ^^
Parents, sis and me

Sis and nephew

sis and me

Awesome lunch and we were all so full because ordering too much. >.< But it's a great and happy moment have everyone eat together. Love all of them! :)

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