Friday, October 5, 2012

Travelling Experience

Some people might thought of I'm showing off when I told them I have travelled to Japan, Korean, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia and the recent one USA. I'm not showing off, just want to express my opinion and comparison among these country that I have travelled and share some info. Or instead, I just keep my mouth shut to stay humble?

If I get to choose which country to migrate to, I will definitely choose Japan. This is because the things in Japan is very well facilitated and their facility are very advance too. Besides, the people there are very well behave and educated. One thing that I dont like about the country is that most of the Japanese doesnt speak English which make us difficult to communicate with them. Other than that, I will said their culture is the best!

For my next stop, I wish I could go to Europe especially Venice. But currently I have started my working life and I guess no more school holiday, sem break for me anymore. Though I will still hope the day will come. I dont mind to go Japan again because I really love this country!

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