Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Perak 1 day Trip ( Fu Shan Dim Sum, Ipoh Sam Poh Thong, Tau Fu Fa, Lou Wong Bean Sprout Chicken) - Part 1

17 November 2012 is my second anniversary with Eric

We have celebrate earlier on 15 November at Damansara Vin Restaurant and bar

On 17 November, we finally have our one day trip to Perak. This state is not really strange for me because I went there before. Our journey started from Selangor to Ipoh -à Bidor -à Teluk Intan. And back to Selangor.

Early morning, we take about 3 hours’ drive to reach Ipoh Fu Shan Dim Sum Restaurant. This place is very famous in Ipoh and I can see the crowd is really scary. But luckily we manage to get a seat after waiting for few minutes.

So, my duty is sitting on the chair and waits Eric to get dim sum for us. This is because they practice self-service style, therefore one of us needs to go and take dim sum and another have to get a table.
This one is the best among all. Crispy and tasty

Not so nice. Just So-so. Jin Xuan Restaurant is much better than this. Eric regret to take two of this because we love xiu mai, but didn't their xiu mai is not tasty

so-so fish ball, but feel like not fresh

This one still ok

I didnt eat this cause I dont like lian rong pao

This chee cheong fun quite nice. Should try!

The bun is very soft. Inside consist of a small portion of yam. Overall is good!

Shuang Pi Nai, not smooth and not tasty

Qian Chen Gao (Layered cake) quite nice

The green thing is bun, not cabbage. Very soft bun and it taste special, must try this!

In conclusion, I felt that Fu Shan Dim Sum has variety of Dim Sum, but their taste is so-so only. I would still prefer Jin Xuan Dim Sum Restaurant. But, Jin Xuan is slightly expensive than Fu Shan.

We incredibly finish 10 plates of Dim Sum and I felt so full!

So we drive to Sam Poh Tong for sight visiting. I came to this temple before. So I just walk around and enjoy the scenery. The scenery in Sam Poh Tong is really nice. There’s a pond which look like a mini China. So we just took some silly photo there and then decide to go eat again.
nice scenery

New member of Journey to The West


Our next food station would be the Tau Fu Fa in Ipoh Town which is near the Lou Wong Beansprout Chicken Restaurant. I like this Tau Fu Fa because their Tau Fu is very smooth and tasty. But this time, I don’t feel it as tasty as before anymore, still it is better than those I have had before.  Moreover, they didn’t have the choice to choose either white sugar or black sugar with the Tau Fu Fa. They only have white sugar there.
tau fu fa and soya cincau

After eating that, then we have our lunch at Lou Wong Ipoh Beansprout Chicken. Again, I feel slight disappointing because their Hor Fun( Soup Kuey Teow ) not as smooth as before and also the chicken. Not sure is it because we order chicken breast meat or what, but the chicken really not as nice as I have eaten before.
taugeh nice

chicken breast meat

hor fun soup

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