Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Malaysia General Election 2013 Around The Corner

I wish to voice this out for very long time, just that I havent get the time to write it all down.

Why would I want to vote for BN or MCA if compare to Lim Guan Eng DAP party?

Yea, I'm not into politician and I have no interest at all to speak about it. But Malaysian is going to have general election soon and every party leader trying to do all the bullshit to gain vote from us.

To me, vote to which party is a simple decision. Let me put this picture out:

Why would CSL will be chosen as MCA party leader when he has affair out there? Is it there is no other person who can lead MCA anymore? I simply felt ashamed to have this kind of people as my leader. If this kind of people can be dishonest to his own lover and family, what can you expect him to be honest to all the Malaysian here? He is a dirty man with dirty works. Other than that, this CSL seems like a very low educate when he speak in public. Impolite like samseng. If compare to Lim Guan Eng, that's in fact incomparable.

BN, when resident in KL having water crisis problem, what did you do to help out except that publishing out in newspaper that you all can solve the problem if you all are the one who rule Selangor? If you all put residents as priority, you all should give suggestion to solve the problem instead of telling the whole world that BN has the solution. You guys are so selfish. Do you guys dare to say during your time, we have never been to any water crisis problem?

We all chinese know, whenever you study in chinese school, the first thing you need to do is donate to our school. Because we always know we are so unlucky and unable to get help from the government to build and renovate our school. Should we put the blame on MCA who all the time rule on this country? what have you guys done to protects our right? We all also know, JPA scholarship is easily given out to chinese only during the general election period. other than that, it will be super hard to receive this award.

 Seeing how first class I am in this country though I'm born in this country and yet being said as foreigner by some weird uncle and call us back to china. This is the treat that I get from this country. Though, I'm not tired living in Malaysia because I have no other choices. Even if I emigrate to other country, I'm still a second class citizen. Sad to know, there is no country that can treat us as first class citizen.

To the local newspaper TS, stop reporting all fake news out, you guys should just change your name to "BN Fans" instead. 

I'm done talking. Again, I'm not a politician and I have no interest in Politic. I only know who should be my leader. An honest man to family, and a educated person. Thank you.

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