Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pu Yu Restaurant @ Old Klang Road

I told Eric that we always dine-in the same food. So I search and found this Pu Yu Restaurant and it has good rating from alot bloggers. So we decided to go and try.

Some people would said this is a hidden precious in old klang road. I said, it's really hidden! If not google more about the location, I guess I wont find the location of this Restaurant.

Hidden in a small valley. This is their main entrance
So, we ordered a few of their special dish as recommend by boss

Boneless chicken ball. Taste good with the sauce.Chicken are fried to very crispy. Sauce wont be very spicy .

I like the most. It's called "Chao Bak Guo" I think this should be their signature dish

Their home-made tofu. Very crispy in outter part and soft in inside. Love it!

I dislike this though is one of their special too. It's "Chao Shu Fen". To me it's very oily and the taste don't  really goes well with the Shu Fen. Kou Gan not good.
The exact location of this stall is near the entrance of the school in old klang road, don't follow the "Pu Yu Restaurant" location which found in your Google Maps

The total of this meal cost about RM33+

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