Monday, April 6, 2009

A day with my roommate

That day is 02-Apr-2009, after class i went back to room. actually i decide not to accompany siew yee back to her house since i has many homework n dance training(will be discuss on the next article)...but since EM(some of the performer) have class in the afternoon, so i decide to teman my this fussy roommate back to her home.

it's so difficult to get back to her house. first, i have to walk around 15-20 minutes to get to a bus stop, then take bus to arrive some place n wait for her cousin and mum to fetch us... haha.. that's my 1st time to see her family member since she already met my sis, bro-in-law, bro n my niece n nephew.. hehe..

so, the very 1st thing we do is to fill up our stomach 1st! that time is about 12.30pm. according to her mum, those stall who sell bak kut teh(4get to tell ya, siew yee home is klang, famous wif bak kut teh) usually sold out all nice pork and nice things.. if we go 2 eat now, sure left lousy stuff.. haha.. but still, after they keep criticizing lots of stall, eventually they decide go to a stall(i don;t know what name edi)..

her mum treat us eat. we ate bak kut teh kering style, normal bak kut teh. both style i ate b4, but dunno y found that theirs is more tasty! in compare to kajang one, i found that their bak kut teh actually hav more ingredient than soup! ours always has lots soup than ingredienr.. moreover, i found that their bak kut teh has lesser MSG, coz i dun feel very thirsty after eating it. and actually i feel very envy coz her mum told me they usually eat bak kut teh atleast twice a week!! Kering style bak kut teh
Normal style bak kut teh

yummy~~ then we go back to siew yee house and wait for his bro. the purpose we come back here is to took siew yee's car back to hostel coz her gang want to use it during MATB2. while waiting, siew yee's mum complaint about siew yee room.. haha.. what a mess.. really beh ta han... make me eye sore only.. i should hav expect her room will look like how since in our hostel also like that.. >.< style="text-align: center;">the fried chicken and yao yao bing(really delicious!)

evening, after jia hui back from class(around 4++) then siew yee say go to watch movie since we got car... haha.. then i say ok lo(though i quite worry will clash wif the dancing training).. then we decide watch the new release movie = Shinjuku Incident acted by Jackie Chan.

The most funny part is here!! haha.. while we get in d cinema, siew yee sit beside a ah pek.. 1stly, that ah pek complaint to siew yee about the hp light coz siew yee play hp. he said that the light reflect his eyes n bla bla bla.. after that, when the movie just start few minutes ago, this guy laugh sooooooo loud!!! and some part of the movie not funny, the guy still laugh very loud. d whole movie(around 2hours) fill wif tat ah pek sound and he aso like to talk 2 hisself.. wakakakakka... poor siew yee sit beside him.. haha...after came out, siew yee keep complaint liao.. wakaka...
Jia Hui, Siew Yee and me. Took it while eating at Oasis Midvalley

after that, siew yee clain that want to eat something better to make her happier.. at last we eat at oasis. she order her favourite food and i order thai foor(mango chicken chop rice).. quite delicious..

then, i get back to hostel and start to train my dance.. tiring yet funny day!

the next day morning, we 3 ppl(jia hui, siew yee and me)get up around 5.00am to go eat "curry wan tan mee". very famous in c park pasar pagi.. though very difficult to get up, but i think it's worth coz the mee is really super! poor me, about 8.30am hav 2 rush to matb2 preparation..


  1. ur blog remind me bout tat day ler...
    really si beh pek chek ah afta the movie!!!
    i need a new calm, quiet n peaceful movie ler..if not..the situation tat day still in my mind..when i think when the last time i go for movie..i'll think of tat ah pek..Argh....plz help me~~~~~

  2. haha..choppy is my bro acc...u "zap tou" la..^^

  3. n summore hor..normally i walk bec home de lo..tat day i ask my cousin fetch..very good ad ler..^^ dun hiam la..u know i everytime go bec oso very xin ku de ler~~

  4. haha... wat la u.. purpose use ur bro account to leave comment at my blog is it!! swt

    aiyo.. tat ah pek will b our very good memory in our life ler.. wakaka.. u zhap dou la.. so lucky..

    no hiam la.. juz d walk part is kanasai only.. haha.. u noe la.. i very lazy de.. not very rajin walk de