Sunday, December 20, 2009

last week

still left another 1 week for me b4 sch reopen
hmm... what should i said
during this holiday, i've been lazy to look for job(actually i wanted, but no chance, too busy)
right after exam over(MY 3RD SEM MERDEKA DAY), i've been taking in charge of my housework
wash clothes, because of raining season, no chance for me to hang out cause need to jaga baju, cleaning.. aih.. alot house chores cause my so emo!
the worse part is because everyone just left d task to me because my exam over, n i should be free all d time.. sob sob.. so, my holiday actually started right after my parents came back from their trip(1 week, i've been a maid for 1 week)

then went to robocon
went for a week
actually wanted to continue,
but something happen which stop me to continue again
but lucky somebody was there for me
tat buddy also having mostly d same problem wif me
so, we hang out to somewhere to cheer up each other

after that, i went to my 5 days trip to sabah
sweet and sour memory there

when i'm back
hahaha.. i thought this is the time i have my real holiday!
finally i've been allowed to wake up at 12pm!wat a great day!
but this only for 3-4 days
then all went to travel again,
left me n my bro-in-law take k kids in home

now i'm free again,
how should i spend my last week holiday?
i 1 have fun
things juz gone change tonight
finally understand what ppl said cold family
and warm family..

feel so lonely again..
where r u all???
am i tat bad to let u all forget my existence?

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